The WWE universe is crying to see superstar Daniel Bryan return to the ring after a one-year gap. Since Bryan left back in 2015, all his crazy fans have been busy making predictions about his comeback.

But, the fans could be in a dilemma with reports claiming the superstar’s comeback is bleak. According to a report released by Wrestling news, Dr. Joseph Maroon, the head of WWE’s medical department has advised Bryan to never ever step in the ring again, which means to a premature end to his career.

The reason behind Bryan’s ill-fated career is his frequent concussions, which he suffered last year and once in 2015. In spite of his personal doctor clearing him to wrestle, Bryan has been marred with injuries in the past two years and is really very frustrated about them.

The actual problem lies with the chairman, Vince McMahon, who is strictly against the idea of Bryan entering the ring for a fight again. At the moment, Vince is totally confused over the fact that if he stops the ‘Yes movement’ leader from taking the center-stage, he stands the chance of losing a brilliant wrestler, one who is filthy popular.

Stating to walk out if his demands are not fulfilled, Bryan, who has been out since eight months, may not renew his contract with WWE if they not allow him to wrestle again. The whole and soul decision stays with Vince, and a wise decision to reclaim the renowned wrestler will be every pro-wrestling fan’s cry.

After paying a visit to India, Bryan will be a part of the upcoming promotional tours which are in Japan, Australia, and many others.

For now, it is a huge blow for both Bryan and his fans!

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