Babydoll talks Charlotte Flair

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If you were a wrestling fan in the 1980s, then you definitely remember Babydoll. The Perfect 10 was instrumental in feuds and storylines in the NWA, World Class, and JCP, most memorably the ones between Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA and Dusty Rhodes.

She was also associated with Ric Flair for a time, so it’s only natural that she would have some opinions on what The Nature Boy’s daughter, Charlotte, is doing these days in WWE. She recently sat down with The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling to discuss, among other things, Charlotte and her role in the WWE’s Women’s Division.

Following In Ric’s Footsteps

“When you are definitely made to be that way there is no holding you back. Her Dad could have put up every road block in the world and I think she would have busted through them. She’s her Dad but ten times over. There is no other way to look at it and no matter what he did to try and stop her that if she wanted to do this, she was going to do it. She loves it and you can tell she loves it.”

Growing The Women’s Division

“I think she has taken the other girls to another level. I know Natalya did it and some of the other girls that are second and third generations but I think Charlotte has set the beam so much higher for the other girls that they need to set themselves and let themselves go as the athletes they really are and it is really showing and it is all apart of Charlotte and Charlotte has done it. Now they need to get my daughter (Samantha Starr) in there. But that is all coming, she’s just not quite old enough yet I guess.”

Charlotte’s Role In WWE

“I love the part that Charlotte’s got. Ashley, I remember when she was born and it’s so cool that she is getting to do it and from what I’ve heard of her is that she is totally loving what she’s doing. I’ve talked with her mother at different times and I’ve seen it in her mother’s face just how they are loving this so much. I love it to the point of where there are so many girls that are able to be seen and able to be showcased and that there are so many girls that are working and there is nothing bad to say about it. You’ve got the “queen of pay per view” and nobody is going to beat her on that and they’ve got the girls main eventing a lot of their shows now and the girls are over. They’ve let the girls be able to work and it what needs to be done and instead of being “divas” and instead are and instead of trying to be in a class all by themselves they are actually letting the girls work and the girls are making a name for themselves by being in main events and they are pulling it off and I love it.”

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