In celebration of the 2018 Oscars, WWE have revealed several amazing movie parody posters online via their official website, including interesting descriptions for each of the movies.

As mentioned on the official website, here are the plotlines, posters and movie names designed by WWE. Let us know what you think of the designs and which ones you’d be most likely to watch.

The Greatest Strowman

This breathtaking musical chronicles the rise of a starry-eyed opportunist (Braun Strowman) who dreams of dazzling crowds from across the globe with awe-inspiring physical feats, spectacle beyond imagination and the ruthless destruction of anyone who dares oppose him. The soundtrack includes such unforgettable songs as “A Million Screams,” “Rewrite the Scars” and the empowering “Not Finished (With You).”

Credit to WWE

I, Lana

Relive the scandal that rocked sports-entertainment as a ravishing Russian immigrant (Lana) finds herself embroiled in a plot involving the sudden, crushing injury of one of her WWE rivals (Becky Lynch). Was the unconventional competitor responsible, or were other forces at work?

Credit to WWE

The Deletion Artist

Step inside the mind of one of the most enigmatic creators of his generation (“Woken” Matt Hardy), whose fascination with bringing “The Great War” to the big screen alerts friends and loved ones to his unique condition. It’s a biographical tale of wonder and delight as this exquisite mastermind risks it all to delete the doubts of critics, family … and those within himself.

Credit to WWE


All legends must end. After years of battling the forces of evil in a world that fears him, the unbeatable Last Outlaw (The Undertaker) takes refuge from the outside world in Death Valley. Yet, when he meets a young woman who shares his talents (Asuka), the legendary hero is drawn out of hiding for one final journey.

Credit to WWE

Three Billboards Outside Suplex City

After the mayor of Suplex City (Brock Lesnar) goes missing, a vocal advocate (Paul Heyman) becomes a thorn in the side of local law enforcement (Demon Kane) when he repeatedly defaces three billboards just outside of town, demanding justice.

Credit to WWE

WWE’s Booty And The Beast

“Try the pancakes, they’re not for dorks! Don’t believe us? Ask the forks!” In this breathtaking live-action take on a classic tale, two provincial dreamers (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) encounter a gruff loner (Big E) in his inflatable castle, and with the aid of a few anthropomorphic pieces of furniture, they discover that true booty isn’t on the outside.

Credit to WWE

Roman J. Reigns, Esq.

A mild-mannered lawyer (Roman Reigns) has spent his whole life shielded by his social activist beliefs in a small legal firm, but when an unforeseen tragedy forces him to transfer to a larger firm, he has no choice but to become a Big Dog in the courtroom. Despite his new, corporate position, however, he strives with hound-like determination to change the legal system for good.

Credit to WWE

The Legit Boss Baby

William Westington Ellerby Day Care is turned upside-down with the arrival of a brash baby in stunner shades (voiced by Sasha Banks), who teams up with three like-minded toddlers (voiced by Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair) to start a babies’ evolution in this hilarious, action-packed animated comedy.

Credit to WWE

You can find another parody WWE did of the movie ‘Elf’ below, which stars Braun Strowman.

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Which of these was your favorite? What movies would you watch?

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