Tom Phillips has been a part of the WWE Family since 2012!


It seems as if Tom Phillips may well have been punished for the controversy that was revealed over social media last week. Phillips was removed from his usual position in the kick-off social media lounge, with one of WWE‘s newest reporters Charly Caruso taking his spot.


Tom Phillips has been involved in a scandal over the past week or so with details being revealed about his personal life. Essentially, a woman on Instagram uploaded screenshots of a rather inappropriate conversation between herself and Phillips, claiming that she had no idea the reporter (here, Tom) was engaged to be married.


On the 2017 edition of WWE Fastlane kick-off show, Caruso was present in the social media lounge, which is a spot usually reserved for Tom Phillips.


Bizarrely enough Booker T actually pointed out the change in leadership per se, referring to Phillips as a “Dirty Bird” which led many fans to debate whether or not WWE would actually be going forward with a severe punishment for Phillips.

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