WWE once again edited footage from this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW on their YouTube channel.

On last night’s episode of the flagship show, during the show’s closing segment with ”The Big Dog” Roman Reigns and ”The Phenom” The Undertaker, there were loud “Roman sucks!” chants echoing in the arena between the time that The Undertaker gazed upon the WrestleMania sign to when he chokeslammed Reigns on the mat.

In the clip uploaded to their YouTube channel featured above, the chants were majorly edited out, although they can be heard as Taker proceeds towards to chokeslam Reigns.

Well, this behavior on the part of WWE isn’t new.

It’s not the first time that WWE has edited fan reactions when it comes to Reigns. Last May, a fan had a yellow sign at the WWE Payback pay-per-view that read, “When it Reigns, It Bores.” The image on, which is at this link, was edited to simply read, “When it Reigns.”

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