Wrestlemania XII
Date: March 31, 1996
Location: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
Attendance: 18,853
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Vince McMahon

Much like ultimate yr, there’s not anything else to speak about but even so the primary match. This is all about Shawn vs. Bret and so they’re now not even looking to conceal it. The different giant fit at the card is Diesel vs. Undertaker but it surely’s thus far at the back of the World Title fit that it’s now not honest to say them in the similar breath. Let’s get to it.

Before we get to the reveal, right here’s an advantage that almost certainly must had been at the primary card (a minimum of on paper). Occasionally WWF would air a fit on their pre-show (referred to as the Kickoff Show in fashionable occasions) and I’ll come with them in the event that they’re to be had. There had been darkish fits for years prior to Wrestlemania would move at the air however that is the primary that used to be in truth recorded.

Free For All: Tag Team Titles: Godwinns vs. Bodydonnas

This is a match ultimate for the vacant titles. The Bodydonnas (Skip and Zip, a couple of workout fans) have Sunny, a reasonably sexy supervisor and the Godwinns (Henry O. and Phineas I. (get it?), hog farmers) have Hillbilly Jim of their nook. Of notice there’s a large blimp flying round over the decrease enviornment, making it almost inconceivable for fanatics sitting at the back of it to peer a factor.

Henry and Zip get started issues off and a wheelbarrow slam offers the Godwinns early keep an eye on. Phineas is available in and has certainly one of his suits as he clears the hoop. The fanatics aren’t precisely delighted by means of any of this. Things settle backpedal and it’s Henry catapulting Zip excessive and down onto Skip for a pleasant crash to get the group into issues slightly. For some explanation why Phineas tries to return in (he by no means used to be that vivid) and the Bodydonnas take over with a double slingshot suplex.

Skip drops Zip right into a legdrop onto Henry however a Rocket Launcher misses. The chilly tag brings in Phineas to wash space and Skip is in hassle. Phineas a lot up the Slop Drop (opposite DDT) however Sunny will get at the apron and pulls up her skirt to flash Phineas, permitting Skip to roll him up for the pin and the titles at 5:24.

Rating: D-. Thankfully this stuff would recover afterward as a result of this used to be horrible. It’s almost certainly higher that this wasn’t at the primary reveal as other people in point of fact didn’t wish to see how dismal the tag department had turn out to be at this level. There had been such a lot of lame gimmick groups like this and so they took years to recover, however even then it most effective lasted for a little while. Terrible fit however the proper outcome.

The opening video is totally inquisitive about Bret vs. Shawn and their contrasting personalities with Bret being all about appreciate and Shawn being very for your face. They appreciate each and every different coming in and that is going to be a really perfect check for each, even supposing taking a look again there used to be no query about which means this used to be going.

Jake Roberts/Ahmed Johnson/Yokozuna vs. British Bulldog/Owen Hart/Vader

Johnson is an athletic freak who would had been WWF World Champion had he now not been so harm susceptible. Yokozuna is even heavier than ever and is on this fit to get his palms at the heels’ supervisor Jim Cornette if the nice guys win. Vader is Cornette’s new fee and in point of fact shouldn’t want an advent. The giant guys get started brawling at first and it’s Yokozuna’s staff clearing space with Yokozuna launching Ahmed excessive and out onto Vader. That’s just right for a greater response than the rest within the Tag Team Title fit had and we’re lower than a minute in.

Vader and Yokozuna slug it out first of all Yokozuna getting the easier of it till Owen and Vader get him down within the nook. Vader kilos him down with rights and lefts however misses a dash, permitting the recent tag to Ahmed. We get some actual space cleansing from the powerhouse however Vader will get in a shot from at the back of. Vince talks a couple of herd of buffalo till Owen dropkicks Johnson down, permitting Vader to return again in for some extra giant photographs to the top.

Ahmed utterly misses a clothesline to Owen (Johnson had a really perfect glance and superior air of mystery however he couldn’t do the real wrestling section) and makes the tag off to Jake for his signature punches. Owen blocks the DDT despite the fact that and it’s off to Bulldog for a entrance facelock. The heels stay taking activates Jake and Owen’s best rope elbow will get two. Bulldog’s operating powerslam will get the similar (that’s a large marvel) and so does a dash from Vader.

Jake in spite of everything avoids a legdrop and falls into the tag off to Yokozuna who kilos Vader down within the nook once more. Owen takes the DDT however Jake has to intercept an interfering Cornette. That appears to arrange a DDT on Cornette however Vader makes the save and Vader Bombs Jake for the pin at 13:11.

Rating: C-. This didn’t wish to be goodbye and the teasing of Yokozuna getting his palms on Cornette didn’t move anyplace. They did on the other hand stay Jake in there for probably the most section and that’s the proper thought given how just right he used to be at promoting a beating like that. Yokozuna used to be most effective just right for fast bursts at this level and the burden would result in him leaving the corporate. Vader used to be obviously on the upward push as he used to be a monster however one that may just transfer with very spectacular pace, making him a really perfect addition to the primary match.

Call the Hotline!

We recap Roddy Piper vs. Goldust, which may also be translated to “Razor Ramon had drug issues so here’s Piper instead.” Piper is a person’s guy and President of the WWF, however Goldust (nonetheless very abnormal in movements right here as an alternative of simply in title most effective) is interested in Piper and his energy. That’s now not cool with Roddy and it’s time for a battle at Wrestlemania. Not a fit thoughts you, however they’re going to be combating in a again lot.

Roddy Piper vs. Goldust

This is a Hollywood Back Lot Brawl and Piper is ready, baseball bat in hand. Goldust drives up in a gold Cadillac, which Piper assaults with a fireplace hose after which the extra logical bat. Piper is going after Goldust with the bat and the digicam is leaping far and wide. They get a divorce a concessions desk and Piper beats him in every single place the lot, together with some HARD proper palms that seemed like they had been making some very actual affect.

Goldust will get slammed onto the hood of the automobile and appears to be bleeding from someplace. A low blow slows Piper down and Goldust runs him over, inflicting Piper (or much more likely a stunt guy) to hold on as Goldust drives throughout the lot. Piper in spite of everything falls off and steals a white Bronco to chase after Goldust. No ranking because of time however we’re now not carried out with this but.

You may have observed this one.

[This post contains video, click to play]

Savio Vega vs. Steve Austin

Vega is a Puerto Rican brawler and Austin is the Million Dollar Champion (now not at the line right here) with Ted DiBiase in his nook. These two have been combating for slightly but it surely used to be made worse once they needed to staff in combination within the Tag Team Title match. Austin didn’t need to win and laid out Savio as an alternative. We’re able to move after Savio says he’s able for the rest.

They slug it out and the brawl is instantly at the ground the place a DiBiase distraction doesn’t do Austin any just right. Back in and Vega’s shoulder is going into the publish as Austin takes over on his personal. That’s a pleasant, delicate level and would come into play months later when Austin deliberately were given DiBiase despatched out of the corporate.

Austin tries to paintings at the arm however Savio takes over with some great kicks. Oh wait despite the fact that as Roddy Piper calls in to mention he’s chasing Goldust down the highway as a result of this isn’t over. Vega flips out of a chinlock however the arm continues to be bothering him. Austin comes again with a center rope elbow as Piper will get at the telephone once more however his telephone helps to keep slicing off when he’s about to swear. This is a nasty sitcom plot.

A pinfall reversal series will get a couple of close to falls each and every however we have now an aerial shot of Piper…..which is the video from the OJ Simpson automobile chase. Back to the fit (which shouldn’t must occur greater than as soon as ever) and Austin dives right into a raised boot to position each guys down. Savio wins a slugout however a spinwheel kick takes out the referee. The distraction shall we DiBiase throw within the identify belt is going upside Savio’s head two times, permitting Austin to position at the Million Dollar Dream till the referee wakes as much as name the fit at 10:03.

Rating: C. The fit used to be entertaining whilst they in truth inquisitive about it however as an alternative we had to sit down via Piper calling in (most probably from behind the scenes) to advance this silly concept that nobody now not named McMahon unearths humorous. These two feuded for a number of months and it used to be an overly underrated pairing with each guys getting higher in consequence. Of path Austin would transfer directly to a miles larger feud later within the yr and not seemed again, however this used to be in point of fact a laugh stuff adore it lasted.

Austin gained’t let the dangle move for a very long time after the fit is over.

More Piper photos which continues to be from the OJ chase.

We recap Undertaker pulling Diesel throughout the mat ultimate month at In Your House VI after which Diesel seeing himself in a coffin. Diesel says he’s coping with Undertaker this night after which Shawn is subsequent. Yes Shawn and now not the identify. I suppose even Diesel knew what used to be coming in the primary match.

Another part 2d of Piper photos because the announcers make sure you now not say the place they’ve observed this prior to.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Ultimate Warrior

Helmsley has a brand new valet (like he did each week) named Sable. Warrior is making his go back for the primary time since 1992 and Lawler have been suggesting that he used to be 400lbs and bald. Of path he’s his customary (normalish I suppose) self and Lawler seems like an fool once more. Helmsley (who’s TINY by means of comparability to what he would turn out to be) assaults Warrior prior to the bell and hits the Pedigree thirty seconds in. Warrior is sort of to his toes sooner than Helmsley despite the fact that and it’s time for the clotheslines and shoulders. The gorilla press and splash finish Helmsley at 1:39, despite the fact that I feel he’ll be wonderful. Warrior can be long past once more by means of July.

Merchandise advert.

The debuting Wildman Marc Mero (Johnny B. Badd from WCW) says he’s able for the contest right here within the WWF. Helmsley stumbles in and so they get in a battle to arrange Mero’s first feud.

In Your House VII advert.

Diesel vs. Undertaker

This is the primary time Undertaker has had a in point of fact severe challenger at Wrestlemania in a couple of years and for as soon as he seems like he’s in actual risk. These two have value each and every different identify photographs on the ultimate two pay in step with perspectives and now it’s time for them to move one on one in a marginal dream fit. Diesel wins a slugout to begin and crushes Undertaker with a operating clothesline within the nook.

Undertaker misses his giant elbow however sits proper again up and so they briefly at the ground. A snappy ram into the stairs appears to arrange the tombstone again inside of however Diesel slips off the again and kicks Undertaker within the face for 2. They’re flying via this thus far. Undertaker misses the leaping clothesline and crashes into the ropes, most effective to snap Diesel’s throat around the best. Diesel is correct again despite the fact that and throws Undertaker into the barricade prior to preventing to pose.

Back in and the facet slam will get two, adopted by means of Snake Eyes (in truth known as that by means of Vince, I imagine for the one time ever) to stay Undertaker in hassle. In a unprecedented sight, each guys hook up with a large boot on the identical time (that’s onerous to do whilst you consider it). It’s Diesel up first and we hit the bearhug on Undertaker. Lawler: “YOU GOT HIM BAY-BAY!”

Undertaker suplexes his means out of it however Diesel is up once more and rankings with the Jackknife. He’d reasonably rejoice than quilt despite the fact that and Undertaker sooner or later sits up. That’s wonderful with Diesel as he hits a 2d Jackknife however nonetheless gained’t quilt, permitting Undertaker to rise up and snatch him by means of the throat. That earns Undertaker a abdominal to again suplex however he pops up for a nasty taking a look chokeslam. Undertaker crops Diesel with the Tombstone for the pin at 16:37 to make it 5-0.

Rating: B. Diesel used to be on his means out for WCW however he used to be in truth having higher fits each month proper prior to he left. This used to be by means of a ways the most productive Undertaker Wrestlemania fit as far as they had been beating the tar out of one another. It’s great to peer Undertaker in truth in some hassle as an alternative of simply destroying other people for a metamorphosis and Diesel gave him a really perfect problem. This used to be significantly better than I used to be anticipating and a really perfect giant guy battle.

Ultimate Warrior is on America Online.

Goldust and Piper go back of their vehicles and battle to the hoop with Goldust getting the easier of it. Another low blow has Piper in hassle and now it’s time for Goldust to strip him. Piper’s unhealthy leg is wrapped across the publish but it surely simply turns out to fireside him up much more. Goldust is going to kiss him however punches Piper within the face as an alternative. That’s wonderful with Piper as he crotches Goldust on best, most effective to have Goldust kiss him. Piper may have none of that and he hammers away prior to grabbing Goldust between the legs. Now it’s time for a spanking, adopted by means of Piper stripping Goldust down to a couple S&M underwear to in spite of everything finish it.

Piper’s son Colt is available in to rejoice with him.

We glance again on the historical past of Bret vs. Shawn with a focal point on either one of their (singles) historical past within the corporate. Shawn has been emerging throughout the ranks and is taking a look to meet his boyhood dream. We additionally get a focal point on their coaching taste with Shawn studying below prime flier Jose Lothario and Bret being taught submissions by means of his father Stu Hart. This labored rather well and summed up all of the thought in a couple of minute and a part.

Shawn says we all know the tale and now it’s time for the overall bankruptcy.

Bret says he simply needs to get up day after today morning with the identify.

Gorilla Monsoon is offered as the brand new President of the WWF.

This one is more or less well-known.

[This post contains video, click to play]

WWF World Title: Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Bret is protecting and it is a sixty minute Iron Man fit, which means probably the most falls (pin, submission, countout, disqualification) within the point in time wins. Lothario comes out without a Shawn however he issues to the highest of the world for Shawn’s well-known zipline front into the group. That shot of him using down into the world used to be proven on a large number of spotlight programs for a long time. Hebner explains the principles in complete, even all the way down to how a countout works, and we’re able to move.

Feeling out procedure to begin as Shawn grabs some fast takedowns to frustrate Bret just a little. Bret holds directly to a headlock to gradual issues down as Vince tries to mention there aren’t any Bret or Shawn fanatics however most effective WWF fanatics. Lawler is in every single place him for sounding silly as this headlock continues. In this example despite the fact that it is smart as each guys would need to preserve power.

Shawn fights up right into a best wristlock however Bret reverses right into a entrance facelock. That is going nowhere so Shawn escapes into an armbar. They get to their toes and check out to select up the tempo but it surely’s proper again to the mat for extra arm cranking at the champ. Bret takes him into the nook for some photographs to the ribs however Shawn forearms him within the jaw and headscissors Bret to the ground.

We’re ten minute in and you could assume that headscissors would get started the second one tools however as an alternative it’s proper again to the armbar from Shawn. Bret stops to yell at Lothario and the distraction shall we Shawn crank at the arm in every single place once more. The dangle remains on goodbye that Vince and Jerry in truth communicate technique and analyze the fit. Back up and Michaels will get stuck in a spinebuster however fights out of a Sharpshooter try. They head to the ground and Bret is shipped into the timekeeper’s space the place a superkick takes the timekeeper’s (who seemed so much like Tony Chimmel) head off.

Back in and Bret grabs a chinlock to gradual issues down in every single place once more. Shawn FINALLY fights up and hits a difficult clothesline however Bret nails certainly one of his personal and it’s proper again to that chinlock. Another comeback from Shawn features a dropkick and there’s any other armbar. We’re twenty mins in and this already isn’t boding neatly. Shawn pulls at the wrist together with his foot in Bret’s face prior to switching to a normal armbar. Good factor too because the fanatics may had been taken with one thing other.

Back up and so they get slightly extra competitive as Bret’s shoulder is shipped into the publish. A shoulder breaker and hammerlock slam (sun shades of the Andersons) have Bret in much more hassle however Shawn isn’t following up. There’s a go armbreaker at the mistaken arm so Shawn briefly switches to the right kind model. Shawn switches as much as a seated armbar for a just right bit till Bret fights up with a Stun Gun for the destroy. The arm helps to keep giving him issues despite the fact that and Shawn sends Bret face first into the buckle. Bret isn’t carried out but despite the fact that as he comes again with the Five Moves of Doom.

For some explanation why he is going to the highest rope and Shawn is able to catch him, however Bret places his knee at the again of Shawn’s head and drives him down onto the mat. Shawn comes again with a powerslam for 2 as there are thirty mins to move. A slam brings Bret off the highest once more and a hurricanrana shall we Shawn hammer away. That’s some of the first lucha taste strikes Shawn has used after mainly promising to make use of a number of them. Nice little head sport there and now not one thing you ceaselessly see paintings on Bret.

The danger of Sweet Chin Music sends Bret to the ground however Michaels is going to the highest and LAUNCHES himself down onto Bret. That used to be one heck of a dive and all the time impresses me on every occasion I see this fit. Back in and a PerfectPlex will get two at the champ. We hit a sleeper, which is sensible however anxious after the whole lot we’ve sat via right here. Bret fights up (the arm harm disappeared a very long time in the past) and backdrops Shawn WAY excessive for an enormous crash. Lothario comes over to test on him however someway it’s now not a countout.

Back in and Bret works at the again with an ax deal with and backbreaker. There are twenty mins left and Bret drops him with a abdominal to again superplex. We hit the opposite chinlock for slightly till Shawn fights up, most effective to have Bret throw him to the ground and into Lothario. With fifteen mins to move, Bret even screams at Jose as he tries to rise up and abdominal to bellys Shawn down for 2. That’s reasonably heelish of him. The yelling, now not the suplex.

Shawn’s proper palms don’t get him anyplace as Bret counters a rollup by means of kicking Michaels out of doors once more. This time it’s Bret diving throughout the ropes to take Shawn down once more. Bret is keen to take the countout now however then adjustments his thoughts and breaks it up. Lawler: “He’s his own worst enemy! No, not as long as I’m still alive.” Back in and a German suplex will get two for the champ and Shawn can slightly stand. He’s nonetheless ready to slug it out from his knees despite the fact that, telling Bret to carry it on.

A large headbutt places Shawn down however Bret can’t practice up. After a couple of shakes of his head, Bret grabs any other opposite chinlock and we have now ten mins to move. Shawn fights up another time but it surely’s a double clothesline to reset issues in every single place once more. There’s a superplex from Bret as Vince proclaims it over on the six minute mark. He’s mistaken on each counts as now not most effective does it now not get a fall however there have been just about seven mins left.

Shawn kicks Bret within the face to dam a Sharpshooter so Hart has to accept a part crab as an alternative. Unfortunately Shawn is correct subsequent to the ropes for the save and we’ve were given 5 mins left. Bret dives right into a boot and each guys are down once more. Shawn comes again with a pleasant dropkick to ship Bret into the nook and there’s the Irish whip for Bret’s chest first buckle bump. Four mins left and Shawn forearms into the nipup (which the digicam misses) because it’s time for a comeback. Lawler: “Michaels has just gotten his nineteenth wind!”

With 3 mins left, Shawn will get two off a best rope ax deal with. The best rope elbow will get the similar and Shawn crops him with a gutwrench powerbomb. He is going up with two mins left and a moonsault press will get any other close to fall. A center rope hurricanrana will get the similar and Shawn is winded. With a minute left, Shawn is going up best however misses a dropkick and will get stuck within the Sharpshooter. Bret cranks again on it however the point in time expires at 1:00:00.

We’re now not carried out but despite the fact that as Bret is going to go away, most effective to have Monsoon make a ruling that we’re getting unexpected loss of life as a result of THERE MUST BE A WINNER. Bret is ticked and begins hammering away at the again however Shawn jumps over him within the nook and hits Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Everyone (together with me when I used to be observing reside) jumps to their toes however Shawn can’t practice up. Both guys stagger to their toes and any other superkick offers Shawn the primary fall and the identify at 1:01:50.

Rating: B-. This is a in point of fact tough one to grade however the first twenty mins destroy no matter else they may have had right here. It’s only a bunch of laying round in leisure holds, which can make sense however that doesn’t imply it’s entertaining. This would had been a lot as a normal fit operating about 40 mins because it will increase drama and allows you to imagine that one thing may occur at any given second.

The fit is fondly remembered and it’s in no way unhealthy, but it surely’s undoubtedly nowhere close to a vintage. Allegedly neither man sought after to process a couple of occasions to the opposite and it led to the fit to be a number of ready round for the primary and decisive fall, which made for a lifeless fit till the ultimate 5 mins. Unfortunately that’s the case with virtually all Iron Man fits and it surely took place right here too. Good fit, however now not as nice because it’s hyped as much as be.

Bret is all ticked off and leaves, to not be observed for over seven months. Vince will get within the nice line of “the boyhood dream has come true for Shawn Michaels.” Shawn is shocked however in spite of everything celebrates such as you knew he used to be going to do.

A spotlight bundle takes us out.

Overall Rating: B. This used to be a one fit reveal however the Diesel vs. Undertaker fit used to be greater than sufficient to assist push it as much as the next stage. This used to be nonetheless a nasty time for the corporate however they had been good sufficient to move with a brand new course. Shawn’s good fortune as champion can be hit and miss on his easiest day however there used to be no query that this used to be the proper transfer on the time. It’s now not a really perfect reveal, but if just about part of it’s spent on an entertaining sufficient fit, the reveal is a good fortune.

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