Wrestlemania IX
Date: April 4, 1993
Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance: 16,891
Commentators: Jim Ross, Bobby Heenan, Randy Savage

This is among the weakest playing cards the collection has ever noticed. Nothing at the display feels vital with the primary match of Bret Hart protecting the WWF World Title in opposition to Royal Rumble winner Yokozuna feeling lukewarm at highest. The 2d largest fit is Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake difficult Money Inc. for the Tag Team Titles. Like I stated: now not the most powerful card. Let’s get to it.

Gorilla Monsoon is the host this 12 months, which means he’ll be on display for not up to 5 mins. Like everybody else, Monsoon is in a toga as it’s a toga birthday celebration. I’m nonetheless now not positive who idea this used to be a good suggestion.

In one of the crucial primary moments of the display, Jim Ross (JR) makes his WWF debut and talks about the primary occasions ahead of taking his position as lead commentator. I truly will have long past via existence with out ever seeing him in a toga.

Finkus Maximus (simply move with it) introduces Caesar and Cleopatra on an elephant whilst JR provides a historical past of elephants and Rome. This is more or less lacking the purpose of a wrestling display however Randy Savage is introduced out on a sedan to make issues a little higher. To truly cap it off, Heenan comes out driving a camel backwards.

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Intercontinental Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka

Shawn is protecting after profitable the identify in November and has Luna Vachon, a relatively horrifying lady with a number of tattoos on her face, trailing at the back of him. Tatanka continues to be undefeated and Sherri follows him out but it surely’s now not transparent in the event that they’re related. Heenan: “She’s here to beg Shawn Michaels to take her back!” Savage: “Wrong again camel breath.” Shawn is going for the leg to start out however Tatanka kicks him away a couple of instances as Heenan recaps the historical past right here, more or less 3 mins after JR did so.

The champ grabs a headlock for a little ahead of going up height, most effective to dive into an armdrag. More susceptible armdrags ship Shawn to the mat ahead of he channels his interior Nature Boy with a Flair Flip within the nook. A Tatanka chop knocks him off the apron so Shawn has to visit the eyes (every other Flair usual) to get a breather. Things accelerate till Shawn fees into an atomic drop and will get stuck in a DDT.

Off to an armbar from Tatanka as Shawn it appears got here into this with a foul shoulder. Back up and Shawn tries a clothesline however hurts his personal arm within the procedure and it’s proper again to the armbar. A fee sends Shawn’s shoulder into the submit once more and we hit the 3rd armbar in a row. There’s a shoulder breaker however Tatanka doesn’t know the way to observe up (Savage: “I would have covered him right there!”) so he is going to the highest and dives right into a superkick (nonetheless now not a end).

Shawn throws him to the ground and hits a perfect having a look clothesline from the apron. It’s time to concentrate on the ladies for a little with Shawn yelling at Sherri, most effective to show round and get two off a swinging neckbreaker. Things relax with a chinlock ahead of Shawn begins firing off left fingers because the arm is all of sudden tremendous. Shawn tries a foul having a look victory roll for 2 ahead of going up height once more for every other victory roll which is countered into an electrical chair (they simply repeated the spot which all the time exposes an excessive amount of).

Tatanka is going at the warpath (his model of Hulking Up) and begins the chops, adopted through a catapult into the submit as Shawn is now channeling Mr. Perfect. Shawn dives right into a powerslam for 2 they usually roll to the ground because the lovers chant for Sherri. Heenan doesn’t perceive why they’re doing that however his wondering will get bring to an end as Shawn pulls the referee to the ground. The Papoose To Go (fall away slam) knocks Shawn foolish however he’s been disqualified at 18:08.

Rating: B. That’s an overly irritating finishing but it surely is sensible as they sought after to stay the identify on Shawn however didn’t need to finish Tatanka’s undefeated streak, leaving them with few possible choices. Still although, this used to be one heck of a fit although a little longer than it had to be. The shoulder stopped being a factor about midway via, although Shawn stopped promoting as he used to be recognized to do. Tatanka simply didn’t have anything else previous the fundamentals however the lovers were given at the back of him because of his air of secrecy, which is all you want more often than not.

Shawn leaves and Luna slams Sherri at the ground.

Recent arrivals the Steiner Brothers say that is their first Wrestlemania but it surely’s going to be one to be remembered they usually’ll make Julius Caesar proud.

Headshrinkers vs. Steiner Brothers

The Headshrinkers are Samu and Fatu (later referred to as Rikishi) and the Steiners are Rick and Scott, a couple of laborious hitting newbie wrestling brothers. At the bell, JR debuts the time period slobberknocker to make this one historical. Scott and Fatu get issues going with Scott simply taking him down by means of a pleasant newbie double leg. Fatu tries to make it right into a slugout however Scott simply takes his head off with a clothesline. The Headshrinkers double crew Scott down so he and Rick rise up at the similar buckle for stereo height rope clotheslines. That seemed superior.

Things relax as JR breaks some information about Luna attacking Sherri within the first assist station. Heenan received’t return to test for an replace since the camel is again there. Heenan: “Luna probably worked over the camel too.” Samu’s head cracks off the submit and Scott dropkicks Fatu for excellent measure. Back up and Samu tries a sizzling shot however drops Scott face first excessive in a in poor health having a look touchdown.

The Headshrinkers’ supervisor Afa CRACKS Scott within the again along with his personnel to stay him in bother. Fatu’s heart rope headbutt will get two and Scott is nearly out of it. The dangerous beating continues as Fatu sends him into the submit, FINALLY drawing Rick over to test on his brother. Back in and Scott makes the everlasting mistake of hitting a Samoan within the head, incomes him a superkick. Yeah there’s truly no protecting that. You don’t hit a Samoan within the head.

Samu is available in and rakes the eyes as JR tries to name the fit whilst Heenan argues with Savage. The lovers chant for the Steiners as one thing just like the Demolition Decapitator will get two on Scott. Back up and it’s a double clothesline because the announcers argue over what states border Oklahoma. Samu misses a headbutt and Scott after all tags off to Rick for some space cleansing and Samoan suplexing.

JR calls him Dog Face (brief for Dog Face Gremlin, Rick’s nickname. That brings up a excellent signal for Ross. Back in 1993, now not everybody would watch each firms, which means some lovers may now not notice that JR has referred to as Steiner Brothers fits ahead of. On his first fit he is aware of Rick’s nickname, making him seem like he’s achieved his homework) as he beats up each Headshrinkers however a double headbutt drops Rick very easily.

A double Stroke of all issues units up what appears to be a Doomsday Device however Rick stomach to bellys Fatu out of the air for an INSANE counter. I’ve by no means noticed that ahead of or since and it nonetheless seemed nice. Scott tags himself in however eats every other superkick, most effective to come back again with a foul Frankensteiner for the pin at 14:22.

Rating: A-. I really like this fit extra each and every time I watch it as they have been beating the fireplace out of one another right here with one of the stiffest pictures you’ll in finding. The Steiners all the time labored stiff and the Headshrinkers may move step for step with them. Some of the spots right here have been superb with that suplex from the shoulders being a significant spotlight. Awesome, laborious hitting fit right here which by no means broke down right into a brawl.

Call the Hotline!

Doink the Clown (very evil) has desecrated a bust of Julius Caesar however calls it artwork. We see Doink attacking Crush with a false arm (with Vince shouting that he took his personal arm out of the socket till Savage indicate that it’s clearly a solid to close him up) to arrange their fit this night. Doink thinks Crush will probably be seeing double imaginative and prescient.

Crush vs. Doink the Clown

Crush is a now giant energy man from Hawaii in shiny pink and orange. Doink has an umbrella with him however Crush knocks it out of his fingers and rams the clown face first into the submit. Some proper fingers to the face haven’t any impact on Crush so he grabs a neckbreaker and assists in keeping up the thrashing. Doink after all will get a smash through guillotining him around the height rope. A piledriver will get no duvet so Doink rams him into the submit. Heenan: “Break the pineapple head!”

The Clown makes the everlasting mistake of going up height and leaping directly down toes first, permitting Crush to boost a boot and take another time. Crush clotheslines him to the ground and Doink tries to cover below the hoop. Amazingly sufficient a clown isn’t superb at conserving out of sight. Crush drags him again within however the referee will get bumped.

It’s time for the top vice (Crush’s finisher the place he squeezes his opponent’s head like a vice, making it an overly suitable title) however a 2d Doink pops up with the arm solid to knock Crush foolish. The 2d Doink hides below the hoop and the referee wakes up simply in time to depend the pin on Crush at 8:27.

Rating: D. And the truly excellent fit streak ends at two. This used to be a abnormal selection for a tale as Crush would appear to be in a position for a large push however he loses to Doink at Wrestlemania. Now to be honest, Doink is an overly fascinating persona when he’s nonetheless all evil. Once he became face as he used to be destined to do, there used to be no method he may well be anything else greater than a comic story. There’s definitely one thing fascinating about an evil clown (see the Joker) however sadly that wasn’t going to remaining in 1993.

Fill my eyes with that double imaginative and prescient.

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Another referee comes out and appears below the hoop however can’t in finding somebody.

Some Japanese photographers don’t learn about Doink however love Yokozuna.

Razor Ramon vs. Bob Backlund

Ramon debuted overdue remaining 12 months however the crowd is swiftly turning him face. Backlund is an outdated veteran who’s creating a nostalgia run and having some excellent fits in spite of being in his early 40s and being out of the hoop for years. Ever the nice recreation, Backlund provides a handshake however will get a toothpick to the chest for his efforts. A LOUD Razor chant begins us off as JR hypes up the Hotline. Backlund begins rapid through sweeping the leg a couple of instances so Razor punches him within the jaw.

As the fit is going on, Savage casually brings up Lex Luger knocking Bret Hart out chilly previous these days. So this data has been recognized all day and it’s simply NOW being introduced up, an hour into the display? Backlund forearms him down and hooks a pleasant butterfly suplex, adopted through an atomic drop, a top spot for him again within the day. Back up and Bob tries a slam, most effective to get small packaged for the pin at 3:45.

Rating: D. I assume they haven’t gotten all of the filler fits out in their device but. This used to be a tight solution to exhibit Razor but it surely wasn’t essentially the most fascinating factor on this planet. Backlund used to be somewhat the go back tale however that’s the most efficient they may be able to do to make Razor seem like a large famous person?

Ad for King of the Ring.

Money Inc. isn’t nervous in regards to the Mega Maniacs (Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake with Jimmy Hart, who jumped to but every other crew) after crushing Beefcake’s face with their steel briefcase. Hogan has threatened to bankrupt Money Inc. however how do you bankrupt an organization with a vast credit score line? I.R.S. guarantees to make Beefcake’s face seem like a jigsaw puzzle with some lacking items.

Tag Team Titles: Mega Maniacs vs. Money Inc.

Money Inc is protecting and Hogan is available in with a black eye, with explanations starting from a jet-ski twist of fate (reliable and perhaps tale), DiBiase hiring a number of folks to assault him (storyline tale) and Randy Savage punching him within the face over accusations that Hogan used to be drowsing with Elizabeth when she and Savage have been nonetheless married (most likely true). Beefcake has a steel masks to give protection to his face and the crew will get a tight however in no way nice response.

I.R.S. and Beefcake get issues going however the champs are briefly double teaming. DiBiase tries an ax take care of to the steel masks and hurts his hand as you might be expecting. Some rams into the buckle haven’t any impact both. Come on Ted you’re smarter than this. Now we get the tag to Hogan for his first fit in a 12 months. He hammers down proper fingers within the nook, in spite of having FAR smaller muscle mass than he did the remaining time we noticed him.

Hogan after all mixes up the offense with a large boot ahead of going again to the suitable fingers. A Piper taste poke to the attention is sufficient to ship Money Inc. strolling however the referee says in the event that they stroll out, the titles exchange fingers. As standard, Hogan has some corrupt reliable serving to him out. Back in once more and Heenan will get very just about accusing Savage of getting one thing to do with the black eye.

DiBiase will get in an affordable shot to take over on Hulk, permitting I.R.S. to choke with a tag rope. More choking ensues till we hit the Million Dollar Dream however Hogan turns out somewhat pissed off through it as an alternative of in any roughly bother. It’s principally a chinlock with the arm trapped however Savage takes the eye off of it with this gem: “They’re hanging from the rafters……if they had rafters……but I’ll tell you what they have columns and they’re hanging from them!”

Beefcake is available in along with his personal sleeper to DiBiase for the save as Hogan is in fact out from the cling. That’s definitely a brand new one. Hogan will get up at about 9 and the new tag brings in Beefcake. Well sizzling is a stretch because the lovers don’t appear to care but it surely’s been a gorgeous uninteresting fit thus far. Beefcake cleans space till DiBiase hits him within the again with the steel briefcase.

DiBiase will get good through starting up Brutus’ masks so Heenan makes face off jokes. A double clothesline places the champs down however Beefcake places I.R.S. within the sleeper as an alternative of tagging. DiBiase makes a snappy save however the referee will get bumped. The tag brings in Hogan however there’s no person to peer it. Hulk is available in anyway and hits each guys with the masks. Jimmy Hart tries to get up the referee but if that doesn’t paintings, he turns his jacket within out to expose referee stripes and counts the pin to finish the fit at 18:43.

Rating: D. This used to be a lot more lengthy than anything and the entire thing were given silly on the finish. Hogan used to be WAY previous his expiration date at this level and it used to be beautiful transparent in line with this fit. Beefcake wouldn’t strive against for the corporate once more however naturally Hogan introduced him in for the primary match of WCW’s largest display the following 12 months.

Hogan and Beefcake cling up the titles, making them the one two folks within the area silly sufficient to assume that counts. Another referee comes out and says now not somewhat as Money Inc. wins through DQ. Ever the nice losers, Hogan poses to restricted cheering however then cracks open the briefcase and provides away the cash within (along side a brick. Why you might desire a brick if you have a METAL BRIEFCASE?). So now he’s stealing along with having a look like a moron with that finishing. Hogan is a 4 time WWF World Champion and now he thinks his supervisor counting a pin is meant to switch a identify? What a hero: a dishonest moron.

Singer Natalie Cole will get a not anything interview to mention she’s having amusing. The CEO of the on line casino is pleased with the whole thing that’s happening.

Mr. Perfect isn’t nervous about Lex Luger being a knockout artist with that forearm (which incorporates a metal plate). He’s been on a roll this week with a hollow in a single taking part in golfing and he’s been sizzling on the tables so let’s make it yet another win this night.

Lex Luger vs. Mr. Perfect

Luger continues to be the Narcissist and is derived out with some slightly clothed girls that experience the announcers drooling. They industry wristlocks to start out and Perfect shoves the a lot more potent Luger into the nook. A large operating knee raise knocks Luger down and a dropkick sends him to the ground as this is the majority Perfect thus far.

Back in and Luger sends him into the buckle however Perfect simply roughly staggers round. After that awkward promoting, Perfect begins going after the knee and slaps on a spinning toehold. Back up and Perfect’s dangerous again is shipped laborious into the buckle as this isn’t precisely starting up. A backbreaker assists in keeping Perfect in bother and Luger rolls him up within the nook for 2 however will get stuck along with his toes at the ropes.

Perfect comes again with a sleeper however will get pushed again first into the buckle. At least Luger is specializing in a frame section and sticking with it. Perfect after all tries his personal worst enemy and catapults Luger into the buckle. It doesn’t somewhat paintings the similar however possibly the theory scared him. A missile dropkick will get two on Luger however he counters a backslide and shoves Perfect’s toes into the ropes for the marvel pin at 10:56.

Rating: D+. And that’s being beneficiant. This truly didn’t paintings as neither man may get anything else going. Perfect used to be in a unusual position right here as he used to be nonetheless proficient however didn’t truly have a personality. Luger used to be simply that forearm however would someway finally end up being the co-top hero within the corporate in only some months. It didn’t paintings for both man right here although and the fit used to be beautiful dull.

Luger knocks Perfect out and walks off. Perfect slowly will get up and is going after him however will get jumped through Shawn Michaels to start out their summer season lengthy feud. This triggers a large argument between Savage and Heenan with Macho Man getting up and pointing his finger in Heenan’s face. Believe it or now not, Heenan in fact doesn’t run away.

Gorilla previews the remainder of the display.

Giant Gonzalez vs. Undertaker

Gonzalez is a 7’Eight monster (dressed in a complete frame pores and skin coloured spandex swimsuit with muscle mass drawn on and fur on the shoulders) who used to be introduced in through Harvey Wippleman to exchange Kamala, who Undertaker dispatched to finish 1992. This is similar tale that will be used about 13 years later when Undertaker feuded with Daivari’s lineup of monsters.

Undertaker comes out in a funeral chariot entire with a vulture for his first cool Wrestlemania front. Undertaker, a valid 6’10, comes as much as Gonzalez’s chest. Some giant forearms have little impact however Gonzalez is good sufficient to promote an uppercut that obviously ignored.

A low blow doesn’t have a lot impact on Undertaker so he comes again with Old School. Undertaker will get thrown round and we hit a status chinlock. Gonzalez will get bored and throws Undertaker to the ground after which into the stairs. The energy of the urn will get Undertaker again to his toes and within however Gonzalez headbutts him proper backpedal. Some awkward moves stagger the Giant and he is going down to at least one knee so Harvey throws in a towel with chloroform to knock Undertaker out but it surely’s an obtrusive DQ at 7:34.

Rating: F. This used to be terrible and possibly Undertaker’s worst Wrestlemania fit ever. Gonzalez used to be simply horrible and made everybody else glance dangerous too as a result of no person may do anything else with anyone so giant and awkward. On height of that, the finishing units up a rematch as an alternative of simply finishing this lame feud as soon as and for all right here like they will have to have.

Undertaker is stretchered out and Gonzalez lumbers across the ring. Eventually Undertaker’s track performs and he staggers to the hoop to wash space.

Call the Hotline!

Gene, after speaking about Heenan going to shop for new lingerie, presentations us a clip of Yokozuna crushing Jim Duggan’s ribs. Yokozuna adopted it up through profitable the Royal Rumble after which crushing WWF World Champion Bret Hart’s ribs on the contract signing. Enough of that although as Gene brings in Hulk Hogan, who has been chatting with Bret and assuring him that all of the Hulkamaniacs are in his nook. Since he used to be attacked remaining evening, Hogan desires Bret to ensure he’s observing everybody round him.

Oh and yet another factor: Hogan desires the primary shot both at Bret or at “the Jap” if he wins the identify. As for a prediction, he thinks the identify is staying in america within the fit between a Canadian and a Polynesian wrestler billed from Japan. As standard, Hulk by no means used to be one for essentially the most extensive pondering on this planet.

Todd Pettengill (an overly silly interviewer) interviews some frat boys.

WWF World Title: Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart

The 505lb Yokozuna is difficult and has Mr. Fuji in his nook. The announcers have spent lots of the display speaking about how Bret is the massive underdog after being knocked out through Luger, sat on through Yokozuna after which simply being in bother in opposition to the monster generally. Bret fees around the ring for a operating dropkick and a few proper fingers, most effective to have Yokozuna shove him down and shoulder him out to the ground.

Yokozuna tries to kick the champ whilst he’s down however Bret grabs the foot and ties him up within the ropes to get the large guy down. Bret fires off extra proper fingers and drops a center rope elbow till the referee breaks Yokozuna unfastened. The giant guy is up and slams Bret very easily ahead of shedding an enormous leg/more than a few different portions on Bret’s face for no duvet. The lovers chant USA to improve the Canadian so Yokozuna chokes him down ahead of switching to a nerve cling.

Back up and Bret will get his toes up within the nook, putting in place one thing like a center rope bulldog for 2. That earns the champ a superkick and every other nerve cling to proceed dull the group. Heenan issues out the stupidity of america chants as Bret fights up and will get a greater heart rope bulldog for every other two.

A couple of clotheslines put Yokozuna down for part a 2d so Bret punches away within the nook. Yokozuna shoves him so laborious that the turnbuckle pad is pulled off, most effective to have Bret ram the monster face first into it. The Sharpshooter in fact is going on however Fuji throws salt in his eyes, giving Yokozuna the pin and the identify at 8:56.

Rating: D+. They did what they may do right here however the tale of “Bret is going to get killed” is ready as lame of a solution to arrange a identify fit as you’ll be able to get. Bret used to be hammering away with the whole thing he had however like Gonzalez (albeit a a lot better model), there’s most effective such a lot that may be achieved right here, particularly while you’re a median measurement man like Hart. This will have been a lot worse but it surely nonetheless wasn’t a lot to peer.

Hogan is right here IMMEDIATELY after the fit to plead Bret’s case. You know, like all of the different instances Bret and Hogan were such nice pals. Due to causes of maximum overconfidence and stupidity, Fuji is prepared to offer Hogan a shot RIGHT NOW. Bret provides his blind blessing and we’re off.

WWF World Title: Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna

Fuji throws salt in Yokozuna’s face through mistake (with the referee simply observing) and it’s a clothesline and the legdrop to offer Hogan the pin and the identify at 28 seconds.

There’s a reason why he used to be referred to as Fuj the Stooge.

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Hogan celebrates as Bret is totally forgotten to finish the display. That could be Hogan’s remaining singles fit till early June as a result of he took seven weeks off ahead of coming again to do tag fits with Beefcake in opposition to Money Inc. But good day, it’s every other identify win.

Overall Rating: D. This is in fact a difficult one to grade. The display most effective runs about two hours and 45 mins and the primary fifty mins are very good stuff with two excellent to superb opening fits. I will’t name a display with a gap 3rd that cast a failure in any respect so the display will get some giant issues there.

That being stated, the remainder of the display is going off a cliff with the most efficient fit being the primary match, which truly isn’t any excellent and clocks in because the shortest introduced Wrestlemania primary match in historical past. Couple that with Hogan sneaking in to take the identify in an finishing that wasn’t the preferred on this planet and also you don’t have a perfect identify image going ahead.

The phrase image is suitable right here in addition to this display doesn’t seem like a Wrestlemania is meant to. Instead of the largest display of the 12 months, this felt like a random pay consistent with view within the mid to overdue summer season, which in fact would have helped it so much. The outdoor venue is cool but it surely seems like a amusing display relatively than one thing giant and epic just like the display at Madison Square Garden or the presentations in giant stadiums.

Overall this display has too many issues running in opposition to it. The setting used to be a failed experiment however the card didn’t do it any favors. Yokozuna used to be tremendous as a monster to be slayed however Hogan wasn’t the selection to do it, no less than now not two mins after Yokozuna received the identify at Wrestlemania. I’m meant to be inspired that Hogan beat a drained Yokozuna and needed to have salt in Yokozuna’s eyes to do it? That’s now not a excellent finish to any display however the truth that it used to be the top of Wrestlemania made it even worse.

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