In this episode of “High Risk Maneuver”, Tyler Lemco recounts one of the crucial notorious debuts in skilled wrestling historical past, that of “The Shockmaster”. During a are living section hosted through Ric Flair on the Clash of the Champions XXIV, Sid Vicious and Harlem Heat confront Sting and Davey Boy Smith. They angrily call for to grasp the id of the thriller spouse who will change an injured Road Warrior Hawk at Fall Brawl. Sting publicizes that “Our partner will shock the world because he is none other than The Shockmaster!” With a burst of pyrotechnics, Fred Ottman, wearing a glitter-encrusted Storm Trooper’s helmet, breaks thru a wall and promptly stumbles and falls on his face. As the opposite wrestlers are heard giggling within the background, Ottman selections himself up, places on his helmet and all try to save The Shockmaster’s irretrievably doomed debut.

Here is Tyler Lemco’s entertaining recollection on this episode of “High Risk Maneuver”:

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What does Ottman call to mind the failed debut?

Wrestlinginc shared a 2017 interview with Fred Ottman who performed The Shockmaster. Ottman had this to mention in regards to the dress and level arrange:

“Well the whole idea was to conceal my identity and it was done at a live event, it wasn’t taped. So I had to bust this wall that wasn’t gimmicked, it was 2×4’s every 12 inches and because of the height of the wall, they added extra materials. About an inch or two below my knee was a big piece of material. Mike Graham was the guy who was going to give me the cue as there was no way to mic the helmet. Ole Anderson did the voice-over and he said -Fred you’re going to have to hit this thing pretty hard. I had two little pin holes and then they took a girl’s pantyhose off because the glitter was coming through the eyeholes. So I double-axehandled the wall and the momentum of hitting it so hard made me a teeter-totter. So I flip over and the helmet popped off like a champagne cork. The rest is wrestling history. So I jump up to put the helmet back on my head to cover my face, remember it’s live and I am supposed to be the mystery partner. It was so funny. It was a hell of a way to make a debut.”

Ottman went on to explain his endured affection for the helmet:

“I love the Shockmaster and I still own the helmet. I take it with me everywhere and I will bring it to Swindon Comic-Con when I come to England in June. It is like the holy grail, it has such a cult following. You tell people it’s the original and they can’t believe it. So many fans want a picture with the helmet.”

Check out the debut of The Shockmaster.

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Did you experience this section? What are your favourite botched debuts?

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