Ring of Honor announcer Bobby Cruise used to be just lately interviewed by means of Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights underneath, and the total interview above.

If firms will have to view it as WWE in opposition to the remaining:
"I can see that. They are number one company in the world. I consider us (ROH) the number two company in the country. People sometimes argue with me on that. I don't know where the argument is these days. There is a BIG gap between number one and number two. They are a mega mainstream company. They have guys hosting the Today Show, on SportsCenter, in movies, and all that stuff. I guess it is easy to say it is WWE versus the World. The way I look at it as far as Ring of Honor, we've just done our own thing. Obviously, talent has come and gone over the years, ownership has changed, bookers have changed. But, the one thing that hasn't changed is the quality of the product in the ring. That's always been what we've excelled at and that always has been what we're best at and I think that continues to this day."

WWE is making an attempt to position ROH into bankruptcy:
"I don't think that is the case. I honestly don't. I actually had a conversation with a friend that works for WWE about a year or two ago about that. His response was, "No, we're no longer having a look to do this." There's going to be talent they're interested in. They're going to grab War Machine, Adam Cole, (Bobby) Fish. They are going to go after guys they think they can use best. But as far as putting a company out? I've never heard those words from anyone I've talked to in either company."

What fit he needs to look maximum at Supercard of Honor:
"I scrolled through the NJPW event that aired this Sunday. This Cody and Omega thing, I don't know where it is going but it is hot and it is going to explode. That to me is just a really interesting dynamic and what the fallout is going to be."

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