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The Dead Man “Undertaker” is back for revenge against The Beast “Brock Lesnar”


This year’s Summerslam Will be on a totally different level as the main event is going to be Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. Ever since the night Brock Lesnar did the Unthinkable and Break the streak and Beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, it has been on the minds of wrestling fans that is Undertaker gonna take     his revenge, Will he take on Lesnar again but More than a year was passed and Undertaker  was fighting Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania and Lesnar’s been WWE World Heavyweight Champion so it seemed like its all in the past now. But We all got our answers in the main event of Battleground when Brock Lesnar was about to pin Seth Rollins and The Lights went out and we all heard the Gong.. and The Undertaker was standing in the ring when the lights came back. He had the fire of revenge in his eyes and for the first time Brock Lesnar had fear in his eyes because he knew that after a whole year of Paul Heyman rubbing the Loss in Undertaker’s face The Reaper of death valley is out to hunt him down.

Sangram Singh Crowned as WWP Commonwealth champion


Sangram Singh who is an Indian celebrity also a pro wrestler has defeated the Joe Legend in recent pro wrestling event happened in Nelson bay stadium which was organised by WWP wrestling company based in South Africa.  Its the first time Singh has fought after the career threatening injury which happened almost 3 years ago. Sanjit aka Sangram singh shot to fame after completing in Bigg boss (TV Reality show in India) where he was one of the finalist. WWP asked the Indian superstar Sangram singh to sign the agreement where they will be revived from any claims in case any injury happens during the match. Also in the Event Tryus aka Brodus Clay Defeated Tornado, Kwaito Kid defeated PJ Black aka Justin Gabriel and Ananzi remain the title holder.


Here is the tweet by Sangram Singh


Training for Pro wrestler


The race of Pro-Wrestling has everything dissimilar from normal human beings. After suffering and surviving hardships like poor financial status, endless travelling, less than expected audience, injuries and bruises, they get to the throne of limelight and money. Though every wrestler jostles through similar destitutions yet they have different stories to tell. The life of a wrestler is nothing less than a life of actor. From boring practice hours to crazy fan signatures, they live a very gradual life. Apart from amusement and thrill, these wrestlers area source of one more thing, we call it motivation, which something that is needed by every person whether a wrestling fan or not. So, what are the things these pro-wrestlers face after their pain and promotions? Let’s talk about it here.


When we talk about pro-wrestling, we often come across various questions. One of these questions challenges its authenticity. Though, we know the answer to this question, yet we ask this question to ourselves. Is it fake?  There is a minute number of audiences till out there who don’t know what really goes on during the match. Only these people are the ones who believe that everything is genuine. Actually, people who think pro-wrestling is fake, live in the world of delusion. Do you ever call a well-rehearsed and planned dance performance fake? Do you watch the stunts in a movie and define them as fake?

No, right.

These guys who we call wrestlers, after all, are still athletes and do some insanely crazy things. They know what moves to execute at what time without hurting their opponent. Every show is planned before hand just like every other movie and moves slowly towards its end carrying its own storyline with it. So now, when you know what the basic plot of a pro-wrestling match is, let’s talk about real thing i.e. training.

Yes, training for pro-wrestling isn’t easy, every match requires real training to be done. Do you really think these people carry out their moves and jabs without any knowledge. You must know that these wrestlers are actually trained hard to carry out these harmful appearing moves safely. Every now and then they practice for their match to deliver a realistic experience to the audience that pays for the enjoyment. Pretending to harm someone is harder than really hurting them, and this is what these people are professionals in. They carry out the right moves swiftly without letting anyone know that they safely did it and we exclaim ourselves with sorrow.

Don’t you think it’s better when everyone is entertained and no one is hurt at the end of the day?

As a fan everyone appreciates the efforts these wrestlers make. So next time when you go to a wrestling event — whether it be the best of the best or the worst of the worst — just believe it for a few hours and enjoy saints and evils, cheering and booing and going along with being part of the show. After all, the crowd is what makes wrestling a success.

Top wrestling schools who have the Best Reputations


The best Pro-Wrestling schools have two things that that certainly make them best. First, An impressive track record, Second, A trainer that who has an ample experience of this sport. This experience and reutation ultimately help you to get down and achieve your spotlight amongst millions of aspiring trainees. There are very high chances that the school you just found lacks either of these yardsticks. So, these are the best pro wrestling Schools that claim to have produced beasts.

Ohio-Valley Wrestling – The school being a former official territory of WWE not so long ago is actually the official T&D facility of TNA nowadays. Located in Louisville, Kentucky and run by Danny Davis, this school has trained and produced seriously popular wrestlers like John Cena and Batista who rule the flags of WWE these days.

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School – The school belongs to the home of wrestling Florida and is run Dory Funk Jr. who is also known as NWA World Champion. This school has shaped the highest number of WWE wrestling stars like Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, Lita, Jeff Hardy, Edge. There is no other school that has trained a number of wrestlers equivalent to this school.


Can-Am Wresting School – Sited near the Canadian/USA border in Windsor, Canada, this school is run by Scott D’Amore, the manger of Canadian team in TNA. The TNA Champion Rhino and Petey Willams have garaduated form this school.The claims made bt this school are concrete as its trainees.

Ring of Honor Wrestling School – A recent startup in Pennsylvania which operates under the guidance of Delirious. The school is actually a part of a big promotion agency that promotes and produces pro-wrestling stars. The agency has a big hand in helping the trainees to directly reach fame spot in WWE and TNA.


The Wild Samoan Training Center – After having produced the a few TNA and WWE wrestlers like Batista, Traci Brooks, ODB and Velvet Sky, This school has made its own reputation in these few years. This is another school that belongs to Florida.

NXT – This school is the official training territory of WWE and hence, it automatically enjoys the benefits of great respect among newbies and professionals.

Killer Kowaliski’s Pro Wrestling School – Just lie its long name, this school has a long list of popular graduates like Triple-H and Perry Saturn. The school locates itself in North Andover, Ma.

Jhonny Rodz School of Wrestling – Just like its name suggests, the school as more to do with Johnny  Rodz, the WWE Hall of Famer. In fact, it is run by him. Aprt from being a great wrestling star , Jhonny has a devoted himself in training the best wrestling prodigies. The school is located in Brooklyn, New York. Just to name a few, the wrestling stars produced by this school Tazz, the Dudley brothers, Bili DeMott.