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CM Punk gonna fight in 2016, Dana white, how CM Punk’s first opponent will be Determined

It looks like the “Dana White: Looking For a Fight” pilot, seen above, that was released back in September will be used to find CM Punk‘s first opponent inside the Octagon.

FOX Sports reports that the UFC President told TSN on Thursday:

“I just started a new show, the pilot is on YouTube, it’s called ‘Dana White Looking for a Fight’ and I’m actually out looking for opponents for CM Punk right now.”

“It’s the first time this guy has ever trained to fight. The guy’s never wrestled. He’s professional wrestled but he’s never wrestled. He will fight next year, 100 percent.”

Hideo Itami With Cesaro, Chris Jericho’s comments on Scott Weiland’s passing


Injured WWE Superstar Hideo Itami posted a photo on Twitter With WWE Superstar Cesaro which he Called “shoulder club”

Experts on Why Roman Reigns will not work as the face of the WWE



Donald Wood of has published a new article examining why Roman Reigns won’t work as the face of WWE moving forward, and below is an excerpt:

  • Winning the championship at Survivor Series—only to have it ripped away by The Authority-backed Sheamus—is almost identical to how the company booked the quintessential underdog Bryan at WrestleMania 30. With WWE trying to follow a similar pattern for Reigns, a portion of the WWE Universe is having trouble supporting a Superstar who is being positioned as the next Cena, while still being portrayed as Bryan.
  • It’s hard to take Reigns serious as an underdog when he has a track record similar to the ultimate Superman, Cena. Since making his main roster debut in November 2012, Reigns has only lost 17 singles matches.

John Cena pulled from WWE live Event


John Cena was previously suppose to perform on the December 19th Live Event in Inglewood but now he has been removed from the Advertisements.
It seems that Cena’s first event after coming back will be WWE MSG on 26th December, he will be facing Alberto Del Rio for the United State Championship Title.

Is John Cena looking to Leave WWE? (Discusses & WWE rating)


On what the WWE can do to turn around it’s trend of ratings going down:

 AK: It’s kind of a boring answer but WWE needs to stay the course. There are too many institutional problems that have led them to this rating. WWE has been relying on attitude era stars. Brock Lesnar, The Rock… it’s great, it was a fun time for years to have WrestleMania’s headlined by these part-time guys. Beneath the surface there have been problems with WWE’s new roster in that they weren’t getting enough exposure. People weren’t used to seeing them in the main event. Now that we’re moving forward and The Rock is busy and Brock Lesnar’s off on his part-time contract. Now they are stuck with this roster that they have been pushing in to the background for all these years. Now they are confronted with these problems. I’ve been saying for years, “One year they are going to have to bite the bullet at WrestleMania and main event WrestleMania with a couple of guys who are newer.” Guys that fans aren’t used to. That’s going to help them moving forward because people will be used to them. They will be established as stars. Maybe some format changes would be welcome. You don’t have to do the same type of format every week. WWE is just going to have to grin and bear it and push the guys they have right now.

On whether he thinks John Cena is preparing to leave the sport of professional wrestling and the WWE by taking on projects like his new FOX reality show American Grit:

  • AK: Absolutely. This is not something like some website he’s starting. This is not something he is just taking time off to do. John Cena is going to FOX. He’s looking to cross over. There’s no reason for him to be with WWE. I said this in the video. As much as he loves being the WWE soldier who is never going to leave. WWE will leave John Cena eventually. They’re already grooming Roman Reigns. It’s time. It’s time for John Cena to test these waters. John Cena has a lot of leverage in a situation like this. These streaming networks… there was a report by Variety back in March that projected that, “Analysts believe streaming network services are to surpass the network television services.” In terms of viewership. Soon we are going to see a world where television is offered a’la carte just like we see with these streaming services. Guys like John Cena have a lot of leverage in this marketplace. The networks are now trying to hold on for dear life and grab all these big stars. These movie stars, these wrestlers with big followings so that they can help improve their ratings. Ratings are not doing well with network television compared to what streaming services like Netflix and WWE Network are doing.
  • On what his RAW Reaction was to the show from this past Monday night:
  • AK: I’d probably give this show a thumbs in the middle. Whenever ratings get this low you kind of, in the back of your mind, are always expecting something huge to happen. Not that it has to happen. I kind of like it and I am encouraged that WWE seems to be staying the course with this young roster. For an episode of RAW… this is one you could throw out. There were a couple of developments that meant something. Other than that, you know, we aren’t really going to remember this in five or ten years.
  • AK: How could it feel dramatic? This is like… for The New Day and The League of Nations… for the most part… this is like the third time you’ve seen a lot of these guys in a segment at the very least. By now it’s like, “Oh, these guys again?” No matter what they could have done. Again, this show is such evidence of the thin roster that they have. You’ve got guys in segment after segment after segment after segment. Which is fine, especially in the case of The New Day, if you’re hot. You could tell they’re just stretching. Just stretching a dollar here







Layla got married to Former WWE Superstar


Former WWE Diva‘s Champion Layla El got married to Former WWE Superstar Ricky Ortiz last week at the Christ Temple in Glendale, Arizona.

Wedding photo posted on Instagram:


John Cena Done Filming for Fox? WWE NXT release “Takeover London” promo


WWE Superstar John Cena has finished filmimg for Fox‘s realityshow “American Grit” as a Co-host on the Show.

WWE NXT Will be in London for there Event Takeove London:

WWE interested in hiring Another big Japanese Star


WWE is reportedly interested in hiring Current IWGP Intercontinental Champion Nakamura Shinsuke. He is one of the best performer in the World and have a crazy Charisma. He is currently 36 year old and 6’2. He speaks English, also a close source say that it is Nakamura’s dream to do something big in the USA.
Nakamura is Currently booked to defend his Title against AJ Styles at Wrestle Kingdom 10 on 4 January 2016. Nakamura’s Contract also Expires in January 2016.

Retired-UFC Fighters says he wants to Knock out CM Punk.


CM Punk( Real Name – Phil Brooks) who has quit WWE in 2014 because he was not impressed with the WWE Backoffice Team. Since then CM Punk has been training for Mixed Martial Arts and announced to make debut in UFC.  Punk who has large no of fan following because of his time in Pro Wrestling and his straight edge style however many fans started hating him when he said “Pro Wrestling is Fake” in an interview .

CM Punk currently holds record of (0-0) in MMA and many of still of us wonder when will CM Punk actually going to make Debut?. Chris Leben who is a Retired UFC fighter. He is desperate and wants to come out from Retirement just to knock out CM Punk. 

Chris Leben brawls is known for entertaining style fights. And he’s good enough to be a legit challenge but not so good that CM Punk would have absolutely no chance.


Kevin Owens sent home because of Illness


WWE Superstar Kevin Owens were sent home after he arrived ill at the Raw in Pittsburgh. He was travelling with his son and unless ssomething changes he is not to attend this weeks Smackdown taping. Although he will be back for the next week Raw to continue his rivalry with Dean Ambrose.