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Miesha Tate Defeats Holly Holm via Submission at UFC 196 PPV


Miesha tate has done it. Meisha Tate has beat the UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm to Become the New UFC Women’s Champion of the World.
Miesha Tate won by submission in the last round of an insane bout. Both the fighters showed their best and Miesha got Holly in the 5th Round.
Ronda Rousey will not get a chance to face her rival Holly Holm and she will be facing Miesha Tate for the Championship at UFC 200.
Stay tuned with us and we will bring you more details on this story.
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Wrestle Square takes on KWF Wrestling March 2016


WrestleStar 2 which a pro wrestling sports event took place on 26th September 2016 at Pattaya Boxing World, Thousands of spectators arrived to see the Live Action.

The event featured wrestling matches for Various Title Belts including Heavyweight Championship, Wrestle Square Intercontinental Championship and Newly Introduced Cruiserweight Championship.

Here are the Results

  • Fenryu w/Minly defeated Mickey Rawaz    – (Became new King of Ring Champion)
  • Baliyan Akki defeated New Hero ( Retained Intercontinental Championship)
  • Zorro Defeated Maxim Risky ( New Cruiserweight Champion).



Great Khali & Brody Steele sued for disrespecting Indian sentiments


Renowned wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali and Canadian Wrestler Brody steel has got into the trouble as new case has been filed in court against them at Haridwar.

It is alleged that in the last days, Dehradun “The Great Khali returns” during the show Brody steel insulted the country  by saying disrespectful words and Khali had signed the death contract which violates the Constitution of India.

Lawsuit has been filed  on February 27, said lawyer Arun Kumar Bhadoria.  Brody Steele Said ” We have always  ruled the Indian and we are the best”. Lawyer says that such  statement is an insult to the nation and has hurt Indian sentiments intentionally.

Khali and Brody are accused to create chaos in the in the Uttrakhand Region.

Death Contract in Pro Wrestling World – Stunt or Reality?


Its been buzzing in sports entertainment and news media that The Great Khali has signed death contract for his upcoming fights against foreign wrestlers in India.

There is no doubt pro wrestling has remained the most famous and deadliest sports entertainment source, Many wrestlers has died performing wrestling arts.

For passionate wrestling fans who are worried about their favorites superstar life. You should not worry as  In pro wrestling world “Death Contract” is just a Gimmick.  A trick to attract audience  attention for publicity.

However still in small promotions “Death contract” or “Death Agreement” means that no person can be held liable for death of any contestant in a fight. It can be introduced by company when the wrestler is under no condition to wrestle.

The fans needs to understand that wrestling is a professional sports done under heavy supervision of professionals. The Great Khali was sent back to India from WWE because he was no longer in condition to wrestle and it might be the reason injury during the match which happened at Haldwani, Uttrakhand on 24 February 2015. In 2015 Sangram Singh also did same publicity stunt to promote his fights in South Africa.

The Great Khali injured during own company wrestling event(video)


The Great Khali who was once known for his time during WWE has started own company and during his first ever show at Haldwani, Uttarakhand he has injured badly.

Dalip Singh Rana who is former WWE Heavyweight Champion had several health issues due to that WWE didn’t allowed him to wrestle anymore and retired him from their company.

On 24th February 2016, The Great Khali injured during a fight with 3 fighters.  Khali has been admitted to the ICU in the hospital. Doctors will watch 24 hours, as per Khali  team he had felt pain in neck, chest. Khali said the pain is in the spine.

Khali has been sent to Dehradun Haldwani Max Hospital in Dehradun. Wrestling International Stadium during Gulapar three foreign wrestler Khali came out to fight. They hit Khali with kick-punching and chairs.

Do you think its a publicity stunt or reality?

Below is the video, We didn’t find any clues that actual injury is done because all action we have seen in the video has done professional as per pro wrestling rules.

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Dreams and hope of Indian wrestlers to make it to the WWE


The Great Khali Wrestling Academy (G8CWE) which is run by former WWE Star Dalip Singh Rana which is located at CWE \ Hoshiarpur Rd, Kangniwal, Punjab.

Dalip Singh told media and news channels recently that he has sent 3 guys from India to WWE recently and they have got contract worth Crores of Indian Rupees.

In fact, three boys, Lovepreet Singh from Moga, Satinder Singh from Panipat and Akbar Ali from Chandigarh, who were trained at my academy, have already singed agreements with the WWE. They have got contracts worth crores of rupees – said Khali

However here is a eyeopener for those who thinks its very easy to be in WWE.

We have contacted WWE & 2 Indian Wrestlers – Lovepreet and Satender who are currently training in WWE Development center Florida, They surprisingly denied the fact that Khali helped them to reach WWE. Lovepreet aka kishan Raftarr told that he has worked very hard as sportsman to get selected in WWE, whereas Satender (Jeet Rama) who has won many medals in national games has also got selected in Audition conducted by WWE in 2015. WWE also doesn’t have agreements/partnerships with The Great Khali wrestling school. The only official training center is WWE Development center located in florida, USA.

The only way to get into WWE is through your hardwork and determination for the sports. There are no such shortcuts to get into the big business.

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Sangram knocked out his opponent in Mixed Wrestling match.


Word – “Pro” is getting very famous in India. Pro kabbadi, Pro Wrestling League, Pro Badmiton and Now there is a Pro kushti league.

Pro kushti championship is launched by Sangram Singh and WWP (South African Wrestling Company) on 06th February 2016 held at Mohali international hockey stadium. The event has been marketed as a blend of professional wrestling and traditional ‘mallayuddh’.
The event was 2 hour long and it featured a very funny style, never seen before – wrestling match between Pro Wrestler Robbie  (Wrestler from TNA Wrestling) and Sangram Singh (Indian Actor and Wrestler) inside a traditional boxing ring. The match was refereed by Hulk Hogan lookalike – Freddie Harmse (Mr. Wrestling).
As in the international styles of amateur wrestling awards points for takedowns and reversals. Penalty points are awarded according to the current rules. Sangram knocked out Robbie in 5th round to be the very first winner of Pro Kushti Championship.

“I am thrilled by the encouragement and support we received today from the people of Mohali. It was an honour to play in front of them. We have launched Champion’s Pro Kushti to revive the passion for the game of wrestling in India, the country where it actually originated,” said Sangram.


Credits: WWE



4-STAR MATCH-> That was an awesome match where both guys put their bodies on the line and there was a decisive conclusion to it. The final bump by Owens looked a little risky, but he was able to land safely. It sounded painful! I like how they had some outstanding spots for the near finishes. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds twice yet Owens was able to avoid losing. Owens nailed his Popup Powerbomb and Ambrose was able to get to his feet too. Stuff like Owens rolling to the floor to break the count is so clever. Then Owens countering the suplex with one of his own to drive Ambrose through the table. Then there was the decisive ending that was the kind of massive bump by Owens that you don’t see very often. This was also the third Pay Per View in a row where Ambrose beat Owens. I would say that ends the feud and I hope that Owens isn’t hurt by it. The good thing is that Owens is such a good talker that will always get a reaction. He does need to be booked stronger, though. With that said, a match like this helps to legitimize the Intercontinental Title. Two awesome wrestlers put on a very entertaining match that is already an early match of the year contender. No complaints from me when you can start a Royal Rumble off with a match that’s over four stars out of five.




3-STAR MATCH-> That was the usual very good tag match from two teams that are familiar with each other. What an awesome finish with Big E showing up as a surprise to Jey to nail the finisher. It was the right call to keep the titles on The New Day because they’re the best team in the company and there wasn’t that much of a build up to this match. There wasn’t any point in the match where I thought The Usos might win the titles. The crowd reactions were telling. As great as The New Day are as champions, they are getting cheered a lot more and The Usos were booed, so I hope it doesn’t lead to a turn for The New Day. They won’t be as entertaining as faces because faces get less promo time and aren’t allowed to be as creative as when they are heels. I’m not sure who The New Day might feud with after this.



2&HALF STAR MATCH->A good title match to put over Kalisto again. If this was the first US Title win for Kalisto then it would be a huge moment. The problem is they’ve done three title changes in about three weeks now. It doesn’t feel like a big deal because the title loses its value with all of the title changes. I think some of their other matches were better, but maybe I’m just tired of it after writing about four of their matches in the last few weeks. Is he going to lose it again? I hope not. I picked Del Rio to win, but I have no problem with the change because this show needed a change in one of the undercard matches and this one was the best choice. Kalisto’s had a lot of momentum since his big spot at TLC last month, so it is as if WWE is rewarding him for that.



2&HALF STAR MATCH-> A really good match full of action and some awesome near finishes as well. I liked the intensity of both women and the way they built it up. While I expected Charlotte to win, they did a good job of building up some big spots for Becky as well. The crowd really wanted her to win and they were pissed off when Flair cost Lynch the match. The jacket spot was unique, that’s for sure. I thought Flair was pretty hilarious outside the ring and his presence gives Charlotte a lot of heel heat.



3 STAR MATCH->It was a pretty good Rumble that was better than the last couple of years, so that’s a positive at least. It was entertaining at times, but the ending didn’t excite me much at all. I know a lot of people predicted it. I figured it was a very possible choice too. I just didn’t want it to happen because to me putting the title on Triple H again is a step backwards. He’s 46 years old. What’s he gonna do, put over Roman for the WWE Title at WrestleMania? That’s nice, but Roman is already a two-time champion and a match like that feels predictable. Reigns got screwed at Survivor Series and then he lost clean here. If Triple H was going to win, it should have been a lot cheaper than this. In WWE’s defense, injuries forced their hand with this booking. They weren’t left with that many options. Doesn’t mean this was the best choice. I just kinda shrug my shoulders and move on. I look forward to other feuds.



Sunny releases a sex tape, Challanges Chyna for a “sex match”


Online pornographic content creator has released sex tape of WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch titled “Sunny Side Up”. It is currently available online on their website and the DVD is scheduled to be released next tuesday, Feb 9th.

Sunny has apparantly also challanged another former WWE Diva Chyna who has also starred in several pornographic features to a “sex-match. She further adds that she can have a one-on-one match or they can bring in a man and “see who taps out first”.
Vivid Entertainement who is notorious for celebrities sex tape issued the following to promote the release of the film:


Says Sunny: “I Consider Myself Extremely Sexual”

LOS ANGELES – (Feb. 2, 2016) — Vivid Entertainment, internationally known for its celebrity sex tapes, introduces Sunny Side Up, a movie starring world famous female pro wrestling legend Tammy Lynn “Sunny” Sytch, at and on VividTV starting today, Feb. 2, and on DVD Feb. 9.

“We are thrilled that Sunny will be joining such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Farrah Abraham, Pamela Anderson, Chyna and others who have also starred in Vivid-Celeb movies,” said Vivid’s founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch.

“I’ve always been a fan of adult movies,” says Sunny. “I consider myself extremely sexual and I’m also a voyeur. When I first thought about making the movie I was terrified. But then, as I was making it, I loved it. Vivid made the process a pleasure and I found everything about the company more professional than any wrestling experience.”

Known as the original “Diva,” Sunny is one of the most popular female personalities in the history of sports. In her adult movie debut she shows off her highly erotic side in three scorching scenes, including one with memorable back door action.

Sunny’s achievements include being a two time Slammy Award Winner, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Pro Wrestling Illustrated Manager of the Year.

Born in Matawan, NJ, Sunny and grew up with a strict father who was retired from the U.S. Navy. She was introduced to professional wrestling by her long-time high school boyfriend, Chris Candido.

Sunny reveals everything about her life in her new autobiography A Star Shattered in ebook and paperback form which is out this week and will be available at as well, and wherever books are sold online.”