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John Cena and Seth Rollins’s Current feud is long-term



The current feud between Seth Rollins and John Cena will continue according to The Wrestling Observer. WWE is also Planing to keep producing Anti-Cena Merchandise , as Seth Rollins new T-shirt says “Never Shut Up” and Another saying “you can’t see Knee” referring to the knee that broke John’s nose.

WWE changes Divas Team name because of Adult Site



WWE has changed the name of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige’s Team From ” The “Submission Sorority” and Now Calling Them PCB because Its also used by a Adult Company BangBros for one of their series.

Paige Awesome Interview with Stone Cold “Steve Austin”



WWE Diva Paige’s Interview with stone cold has turned out to be  amazing, they talker about Paige’s Family and her Journey up to coming to WWE. she told that her mother was a great inspiration and mentor to her. Paige’s family runs a pro wrestling school and promotion in UK. she told that she wanted to be like Lita & Bull Nakano.

CM Punk got into a weird and personal confrontation



CM Punk who is currently a UFC fighter was on a UFC Q&A event but things got personal when Fan named Dillon Pousson who is also happen to be a MMA fighter got the mike and this is what happened:

Pousson: “You might remember me on Twitter blowing you up all the time asking for a fight”
Punk: “You might remember me from Twitter is the greatest Troy McClure that the Simpsons ever, ever used.”
Pousson: “Are you finished?”
Punk: “No, I’m here all day, but guess who’s finished? You are. Bye.”
and when Security tried to take the mike things really got personal when pousson said this about CM Punk’s sister:
Pousson: “I could beat your sister’s pussycat up!”
Even after that he went on Rammbeling on twiter.

you can watch the Video at this Link:

UFC Chairman Dana White calling Wrestling Fake has Turned into a Social Network War.


On this past Weekend while talking promoting a UFC event Dana White was asked about the high price rate compared to the WWE Network, Well Dana White responded With calling Wrestling Fake Shit and said, that’s all its worth.This has Wrestler all around the world got very Defensive and Responded very Aggressively and it’s still going on.

Jeff Hardy Will make a Special Appearance on GFW


International Superstar Jeff Hardy will be making a special Appearance on 14 August at GFW event in Wilston-salem, NC. This was announced by the Global Force Wrestling, the tickets for the event are on sale now.

Paige to Appeare in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Podcast


Paige is giving an Interview to Steve Austin in Podcast at WWE network. Paige is a former NXT women’s and divas champion. She has made a name for herself since coming to NXT and WWE. She Quickly became famous when she beat AJ Lee for the WWE Divas championship She also Defeated the Bella Twins at Wrestlemania teaming up with AJ Lee. She will have some Interesting View on the ongoing revolution of Divas Division in WWE.

NJPW star Shinsuke Nakamura is back in Action


Shinsuke Nakamura
who suffered a Elbow injury in The G1 Climax Tournament have made a healthy recovery, and is back to Action although he has to sideline from Action for some time and forfeit his match against Micheal Elgin. Micheal Elgin is a ROH Superstar who is currently participating in NJPW G1 Climax Tournament.

PWG most talked about show of the year Battle of Los Angeles 2015 is all set


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s BOLA is all set for 2015. The match set are as followed:

Ricochet vs Zack Sabre, Jr.
Matt sydal vs Fenix
Mike Bailey vs Drew Galloway
Drago vs Pentagon jr.
Angelico vs Jack Evans
Trevor lee vs Trent
Drew Gulak vs Tommy End
William Ospreay vs Mark Andrews
Chris Hero vs Timothy Thatcher
Andrew Everett vs Biff Busick
Rich Swann vs Marty Scurll
Aero Star vs Brian Cage
Inner City Machine Gun vs Angelico & Jack Evans
and many other non Tournemant matches with Interesting matchups

Bret Hart’s Emotgional Words for Roddy Piper


Bret Hart posted on his Facebook page:

“I can’t find the words to describe the sorrow in my heart upon learning the news of my dear friend, Roddy Piper, passing away. He was my closest friend in the business, a man that schooled me and guided me throughout my career. In fact, if it wasn’t for Roddy Piper reaching out to help me, I’m sure I would’ve been a mere footnote in wrestling. He was always there for me. He was family to me, a brother who loved me and was there for me through my darkest days. He was the only wrestler to come visit me when I suffered a stroke in 2002. He totally made me at Wrestlemania 8 in our classic match. Passing a torch that many from that era couldn’t conceive of doing. We always called each other “cuz” because we were so close. I loved you Roddy, and I’ll miss you and your laugh for the rest of my days. I’m stunned and the hole in my heart will widen as it sinks in that I lost a brother of such great worth. What a tragic loss to all that knew him.”