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Chris Benoit Movie Is Still Happening?, Divas Segment Bouched on Raw


In 2013 it was announced that a movie will be made Called Crossface and Actor Liev Schreiber Would play the role of Chris Benoit. In Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week it was reported that Liev has been finalised for the movie but there is still any confermation to come. SRG Film,s will be producing the film and it will be based on the Matt Randazzo’s “Ring of Hell” book.

Miz TV on this Monday on Raw with Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch was bouched it was oreginal supposed to show tension between the Divas Because all of Them want a shot at the Divas Championship.

The Green Arrow “Stephen Amell” and Stardust Rivalry is still burning up, Amell is working on his in Ring Skills


After the lost on SummerSlam Stardust is still not done with Stephen Amell, Amell posted on his Tweeter that his is working on his In Ring skills and Stardust Replayed.

here are the Tweets::

Paul Heyman & The Rock Clashes on Twitter over Who had the best rookie year in WWE


“This Week In WWE History” a clip Posted by Kyle Edwards featuring Brock Lesnar Defeating The Rock at SummerSlam 2002. This led into a exchange of Tweets between Paul Heyman and The Rock.

These are the Tweet::

Jushin Liger Signs WWE Contract, Rey Mysterio rumoured to be back


Every pro wrestling fan heard name of Jushin Liger, He is finally made it to WWE at the Age of 50 , Jushin Liger who is former WCW Light heavyweight champion and Multiple times New Japan heavy champion.

Officials has confirmed that Thunder Jushin liger has signed up multiple date contract with WWE for WWE NXT Shows.

Here is the brief about Thunder Liger.

210 lbs.
Shooting Star Press; Liger Bomb
WCW Light Heavyweight Champion

IWGP champion Okada to defend his champion against AJ Style on the Upcoming Event “KING OF PRO-WRESTLING”


New Japan Pro Wrestling Star Okada Kazuchika managed to beat Aj Styles and get his Title back on July 5 in Osaka. AJ style picked a win against Okada In a Tag team match on the final day of G1 Climax which put him on for a title Rematch. Style is looking to take the Championship Back on a big event in October before the Wrestle Kingdom on 4 January 2016.

This might be the Final IWGP Title Defend of the Year according to the NJPW. Aj Style vs Tanahashi Hiroshi was called the best bout of the G1 25 Tournament. This also could be a final match in the big show if there were to be a switch. But for that Tanahshi has to hold on to his Challenging Right.

Ronda Rousey Dating UFC Heavyweight whose being investigate for Domestic violence


UFC biggest star Ronda Rousey‘s private life is all over the internet these day because a pic of Her and UFC heavyweight Travis Browne was posted on the Twitter a few days ago. Travis’s Wife publicly accused him of Domestic Violence and the UFC is investigating him currently. He’s been pulled from a lot public event and his current status on Relationship with UFC is uncertain. Travis’s Wife confirmed the story and said the Ronda and her Husband were seeing each other.

Chris Jericho on Hulk Hogan’s firing incident.


Recently Fox News has conducted an interview with WWE Superstar Chris Jericho . Chris Jericho who is former WWE Triple Crown Champion, Currently hosting Series of WWE Tough Enough.

Fox has asked Chris Jericho about his view on WWE Decision’s on firing the legendary Hulk Hogan.
Jericho replied: It’s not my company. It’s not my decision, but I think when Miz joined the show as a judge, I think it gave a whole different vibe to the show that really improved it.

Also Fox News Spoke Jericho about the recent death of WWE Hall of Famer Rody Rowdy Piper.

Jericho : There was a certain generation of those guys it was more of a rock star mentality. The road schedule was a lot harder back in those days and those guys lived a lot harder as well so thankfully I think that’s been remedied with guys in this generation, now it’s not the same vibe, it’s a lot more clean living. There’s more Chipotle around than there’s pills at this point in time and that’s a good thing. Kind of that maverick, gypsy lifestyle is gone. You know this is a multi-billion corporation that’s publicly traded and it’s become part of the pop culture fabric around the world, so we have a lot of responsibilities and take it very seriously being a WWE Superstar, and take it very seriously all the influence we have over the fans over the entire world.

You can read full article by Clicking here.

WWE Tough Enough Winners Declared, Got Contracts, HHH posted pic with Winners..

Credit: Wikipedia

On WWE Tough Enough Finale Sara Lee and Josh won the contract of WWE Worth $250,000. The Finale featured contestent fighting a Match with a WWE Superstar. The boys Were up ahainst Cesaro and The Girls Were Facing Alicia Fox. All the constant Lost there match and the Winners were Decided by which Contestent had the better match.

HHH posted pic with Winners

this following Pic was posted by the WWE COO HHH with TE Winners..

Credit: tripleh  Instragram
Credit: tripleh Instragram

Will Sting ever be a WWE Champion?


He is one of the most highly decorated superstar in Pro Wrestling and he is known as The Sting. According to the Reports Current WWE Champion Seth Rollins vs The Sting match is booked for WWE Upcoming Special – Night of the Champion. Sting who has made his appearance at WWE Wrestlemania 2015 vs The HHH wherein Sting lost the match due to outside interference by former group member of D-Generation-X which includes Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Scot Hall.

Don Feria/Associated Press
Don Feria/Associated Press

The question now is will WWE ever give The Sting rightful place to be known as WWE Champion as he deserve.  This is going to be Sting’s 2nd Match in WWE in his 30 Years Pro Wrestling Career.  The Night of the Champion is scheduled to be on September 20, 2015 , Houston, Texas.

Stay Tuned for More.


John Cena hit Jon Stewart with a AA


Jon Stewart cost John Cena his WWE title Match by hiting him with a chair. In the video, Stewart tries to Explain that why did he cost Cena the match buit he Finally gets a AA.