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WWE India: Mark Henry in India, Zee Cinema to broadcast WWE in regional language

Photo Credits: Tensports & WWE

World Stronggest Man and Former WWE heavyweight Champion – Mark Henry was in New Delhi, India recently for Promoting WWE at Kingdom of Dreams.

According to DNA India , On the occasion of Rakshabandhan 20 Kids from NGO tied Rakhi to Mark Henry.

“I had never saw such a big man in my life, I got scared, but later he made me laugh,” said Soni 9 Year Old girl.

“I have two children, and I will tell them how to be brave in an odd situation. I appeal to all citizens to support street children“, said Mark Henry.

WWE to be broadcast in regional language on Zee Cinema on Sundays – 19:00 – 21:00.

Zee Network pushing the viewership of WWE Shows to beat IPL Cricket and Pro Kabaddi.

Hulk Hogan Trying to get back in WWE, Stone Cold wants WWE to hire AJ Styles

Image Credits : TMZ

Hulk Hogan who is the 2nd person who was wiped from WWE History after using N- Word, According to the TMZ in a recent interview, Wrestling Fans around the world including celebrities and wrestling legend supported Hulk Hogan to prove Hulk Hogan is not racist. However things doesn’t working out for him as he wanted to, He told TMZ that he got full support for Donald trump for president election 2016 .He wish that Trump become next president of USA and Hogan be the Vice President (joke).

WWE signing a Top Female Japanese Star, Emma,s Sensational Niece


The Wrestling Observer Reported That WWE has Signed a Top Female Japanese Wrestling Star KANA. The Contract reportedly Has Been Signed Two Weeks Ago, KANA Was also at NXT Takeover Brooklyn in Attendance.

WWE Diva EMMA’s Niece is a Youtube Sensation, In this Video She is With EMMA-

Chris Jericho on Racism in WWE, Vince McMahon’s Comments on Him


Chris Jericho had a Interview with HuffPost Live to Promote the Season Finale of Tough Enough. In the Interview Jericho mentioned that Vince Used to call him “the most effeminate tough guy he has ever met”. Jericho mentioned that he is also responsible for Alberto Del Rio‘s Scarf Gimmick, It is Because McMahon don’t like Scarfs and he Hated it When Jericho used to Wear Scarf. McMahon Thinks that scarfs are Feminine than Rock and Roll, Jericho Also mentioned that he was Inspired by Keith Richards to wear Scarfs.

Jericho Said, “When Alberto Del Rio was in the company, he wore scarves to the ring and that was a direct order from Vince,” Jericho recalled. According to Jericho, McMahon would say that “scarves are heat”.

Jericho on Racism In WWE- “if you want to find something to complain about, you can, but if you want to also appreciate what’s going on, you can”. He Also Mentioned That He never Actully Saw Racism in WWE But He mentioned that there were stereotyping in the past.

“Diversity is the word and WWE is a billion dollar company,” Jericho said. “I think WWE is probably far and beyond more diverse than most entertainment companies are. I think right now the Tag Team Champions [the New Day] are African American and they just won the [titles] from some African American dudes [the Prime Time Players].”

Jericho even joked about Canadians on WWE stereotyping.

“What about Canadians? What about racial profiling against Canadians? A mountie? We had a mountie [in WWE]!. If there’s any type of racial comments, everyone’s offended except for Canadians. No one ever stands up for the Canadians. Ever! You know why? It’s because we’re too friendly to worry about it.”

Aj Styles Interested in Working with WWE, Comments on his Retirement


AJ Styles is No Doubt one of the most Greatest Performer in The ring. The former IWGP and TNA Champion AJ Styles has become One Of the Most Wanted Wrestlerafter his NJPW Run. In a very Intersting Interview With Wrestling Observer Radio he said that His run with NJPW is really Fun and he Injoys the Time there but If a Offer were to be Made from WWE he would have to Listen, And Coudn’t refuge.
He also mentioned that he is planoing to Retire when he’s 42 and that gives him 5 more Years in the Business.

“At 42, that’ll be 20 years for me. I think that’s a good stopping point, if I make it. You never know what will happen next. Blowing out my knee at this point in my career could be career-ending. I was planning on retiring early, but apparently IUDs don’t work for my wife,” AJ joked.

Chris Benoit Movie Is Still Happening?, Divas Segment Bouched on Raw


In 2013 it was announced that a movie will be made Called Crossface and Actor Liev Schreiber Would play the role of Chris Benoit. In Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week it was reported that Liev has been finalised for the movie but there is still any confermation to come. SRG Film,s will be producing the film and it will be based on the Matt Randazzo’s “Ring of Hell” book.

Miz TV on this Monday on Raw with Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch was bouched it was oreginal supposed to show tension between the Divas Because all of Them want a shot at the Divas Championship.

The Green Arrow “Stephen Amell” and Stardust Rivalry is still burning up, Amell is working on his in Ring Skills


After the lost on SummerSlam Stardust is still not done with Stephen Amell, Amell posted on his Tweeter that his is working on his In Ring skills and Stardust Replayed.

here are the Tweets::

Paul Heyman & The Rock Clashes on Twitter over Who had the best rookie year in WWE


“This Week In WWE History” a clip Posted by Kyle Edwards featuring Brock Lesnar Defeating The Rock at SummerSlam 2002. This led into a exchange of Tweets between Paul Heyman and The Rock.

These are the Tweet::

Jushin Liger Signs WWE Contract, Rey Mysterio rumoured to be back


Every pro wrestling fan heard name of Jushin Liger, He is finally made it to WWE at the Age of 50 , Jushin Liger who is former WCW Light heavyweight champion and Multiple times New Japan heavy champion.

Officials has confirmed that Thunder Jushin liger has signed up multiple date contract with WWE for WWE NXT Shows.

Here is the brief about Thunder Liger.

210 lbs.
Shooting Star Press; Liger Bomb
WCW Light Heavyweight Champion

IWGP champion Okada to defend his champion against AJ Style on the Upcoming Event “KING OF PRO-WRESTLING”


New Japan Pro Wrestling Star Okada Kazuchika managed to beat Aj Styles and get his Title back on July 5 in Osaka. AJ style picked a win against Okada In a Tag team match on the final day of G1 Climax which put him on for a title Rematch. Style is looking to take the Championship Back on a big event in October before the Wrestle Kingdom on 4 January 2016.

This might be the Final IWGP Title Defend of the Year according to the NJPW. Aj Style vs Tanahashi Hiroshi was called the best bout of the G1 25 Tournament. This also could be a final match in the big show if there were to be a switch. But for that Tanahshi has to hold on to his Challenging Right.