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WWE NEWS: WWE Still Roman Reigns Oriented


You know WWE is a place where the fans usually get what they want but it should come as no surprise to all of us that Vince Mcmahon no more oriented towards what the universe wants, rather he is more concerned about his idea of an ideal wrestler, even if that means investing way too much into a talent that is unworthy of the credits that he is given. The idea of this article is not to bash someone personally but it is now very clear that Roman Reigns is one of Vince’s failed experiment when it comes to WWE. The idea of the company to deepthroat Reigns into the fans is not a new thing and has continued since the very starting of 2015.

Here is an example of an edit by WWE just for the sake of promoting false news in favor of Roman Reigns.

fangate Forbes reports:

Following Roman Reigns’ recent United States Championship loss, familiar overreactions cascaded around WWE’s most polarizing star. On the live version of Raw, Roman Reigns’ loss caused one particular fan to celebrate Chris Jericho’s first United States Championship victory. After some well-placed edits, however, WWE’s opening package the following week showed the same fan reacting in a disappointed manner. The ensuing backlash among WWE’s most dedicated contingent has become a pattern of some fans crying foul when it comes to the booking of Roman Reigns.

Here is another classic video that shows WWE editing fans’ reaction just to get Roman Reigns over

Well there are many such examples that shows WWE trying to promote someone who is not a legit fan favorite all the time or most of the times.
The question here is that why can’t the company speak out the truth and show us the reality what it is (not only in Live but recorded episodes also).

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ROH NEWS: Broken Matt Hardy Issues Warning to Young Bucks


In a recent tweet Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero issued a warning to The Young Bucks. Their match is scheduled to be held at 4/1.

Earlier Broken Matt Hardy made a surprise appearance video pre-recorded video at tonight’s ROH Final Battle pay-per-view in New York City, and delivered a surprise message to the Young Bucks and the Briscoes following their excellent match for the ROH tag team titles.


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New news

WWE News and Rumors: Brock Lesnar will not appear at WWE Fastlane

‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar will not be appearing at WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Although Brock is booked for nearly every episode of WWE RAW going into WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, he will not be present at the pay-per-view event on March 5, 2017 according to latest news and rumors.

This week on Monday Night RAW, Lesnar made an appearance and left a lasting impact in the minds of the fans across the globe. Twas’ pure destruction and devastation as a ”pier-six-brawl” broke out in the ring among ‘The Big Dog’ Roman Reigns, ‘The Man’ Seth Rollins, ‘The Underdog from the Underground’ Sami Zayn, ‘Monster among Men’ Braun Strowman, ‘Mr Wrestling’ Kevin Owens and ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho!

Brock Lesnar entered the fray, cleared the WWE squared circle, asserted his dominance and sent a message across to everyone (especially Goldberg) on the roster that he’s coming to the Alamodome to win the Rumble.

The main reason for Brock’s absence from Fastlane could be attributed to the fact that WWE want ‘The Icon’ Bill Goldberg to be the center of attention for this pay-per-view.

Goldberg is, as per rumors, scheduled for a match at Fastlane, and that will most certainly be the main attraction of the event.

On the Road to WrestleMania 33, however, Brock Lesnar will appear on almost every episode of Monday Night RAW barring the February 13th edition in Nevada.

Goldberg and Lesnar are set to collide at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas when they enter the Royal Rumble match.

WWE Rumors: Are ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy and ‘Brother Nero’ Jeff Hardy leaving TNA?


Image result for brother nero and broken matt

The most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Matt & Jeff Hardy’s, as well as Drew Galloway’s, TNA contracts expire next month. As of the release of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter none had been signed to new deal.
Apart from this there are rumors that WWE has always been keen to bring both the Hardy Boys back into the company and as the Wrestlemania times are flaming up bringing in the hardy boys will bring in big money into the business as both are in their best times.

As Wrestlezone reports:

In regards to The Hardy Boys the Observer reports that there is interested from WWE in bringing them back to the company. As of now however things are looking pretty good for them to stay with TNA. It sounds as if they have two options available with TNA:

A guaranteed deal that would give them full control of their outside bookings

Or, another guaranteed deal where TNA would have to approve their outside bookings

Meltzer notes that Matt is leaning towards staying with TNA while Jeff has yet to come to terms on a variety of dates per year since TNA plans on running a more regular house show schedule.

As of now Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are both enjoying their wrestling careers travelling around the world and Matt Hardy has always been hitting on WWE.


Are Jeff and Matt Hardy returning to WWE?


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Are Jeff and Matt Hardy returning to WWE?



AJ Styles Burglarized At WWE Live Event This Week

Source: KAIT

KAIT 8 out of Jonesboro, Arkansas is reporting that AJ Styles was burglarized during last Monday’s WWE live event at the Convocation Center.

According to the report, the thief stole $1,000 U.S. and $7,000 in Japanese yen, as well as an iPhone, a small screen TV, and XBox 360, six XBox 360 games and a set of Beats headphones.

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It was noted that the case is under investigation, and their requests for more information to be released were denied by Arkansas State University police.

TNA News: Anthem Sports Drops ”TNA” Name


Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the new owners of TNA Impact Wrestling, have now officially dropped ‘TNA’ from the wrestling promotion‘s name. The newly acquired promotion will now go solely by the name ‘Impact Wrestling’.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the group behind the Fight Network, purchased 85% stake in TNA earlier in January 2017. TNA’s future had been up in the air prior to that, with previous owner Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan locked in a legal dispute over money loaned by Corgan to keep the company afloat. Now that Anthem owns the company, they are trying to push the promotion in their own or rather new direction.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (then known as NWA-TNA) started out in 2002 as the brain child of Jerry and Jeff Jarrett. The TNA Impact! brand has always strived to become a rock solid alternative to WWE in the United States, but for a number of reasons it has struggled to dethrone WWE from the mountain top or even be a rock solid number #2 alternative to WWE.

Now that Anthem Sports has decided that the connotations of the ‘TNA’ name are something that they want to move away from, and with them now just looking to use Impact Wrestling as the name of the promotion, this should be a beginning of a new era for the promotion.

Having held their TV tapings in the last couple of weeks, which will air on TV in the upcoming weeks, Anthem will be looking to get this new branding out there as soon as possible.

WWE News and Rumors: New WWE Intercontinental & US Championship Designs


Image result for wwe united states championship

According to Belt Fan Dan , a reputable source for wrestling championship belt information, WWE is actively designing new Intercontinental and United States Championships.

Image result for ic wwe championship

Nothing besides the design was said, but it can be said that the design of the belts will be better than what it currently is and will not be anything close to traditional styles of belts in WWE. After the backlash WWE officials have to face after the Universal Championship was introduced they will be more conscious about the design of the belts.

The current design of the Intercontinental Championship dates back to 1988 (with a similar one in 1986), before being retired in 1998, and reintroduced by Cody Rhodes in 2011. The WWE version of the United States Championship was introduced in 2003