Main Event
Date: March 22, 2018
Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: Vic Joseph Nigel McGuinness

I’m merely going out on a limb proper right here alternatively I believe Smackdown would perhaps get some additional attention this week. You know, on account of that complete greatest story of the 12 months issue that went down. There was superb stuff on Raw too despite the fact that, that implies we might not be getting numerous unique content material subject material this time spherical. Let’s get to it.

Here’s final week’s show if you want to have a recap.

Opening assortment.

Curt Hawkins vs. Heath Slater

Hawkins wastes no time in laying down so Slater can pin him alternatively his “surprise” kick to the head is definitely countered. A running clothesline puts Hawkins on the ground and he’d be very happy to have Rhyno attack him for a DQ. Slater cuts him off alternatively Hawkins cuts him off, followed by way of a chinlock inside of. The comeback is bring to a standstill with a dropkick and Slater has to wreck out of every other chinlock. There’s an enziguri to get Slater out of hassle and a neckbreaker is superb for two. Hawkins decks him all over again alternatively takes WAY quite a lot of time following up, allowing Slater to get a small package deal for the pin at 5:11.

Result: Heath Slater b. Curt Hawkins – Small package deal (5:11)

From Raw.

Here’s John Cena to decide what Undertaker is going to do at Wrestlemania. Cena issued an issue final week and now it’s time to decide what he has to say. He can’t believe that Undertaker doesn’t know he nevertheless has a place proper right here on account of if there’s nevertheless a WWE, the establish Undertaker nevertheless has that implies. There’s even an individual inside the crowd dressed identical to the Undertaker at this time. Well take hold of on given that response to the issue is….now not anything else.

There hasn’t been a certain or a no and that’s the biggest mistake Undertaker has ever made. Cena calls it disrespectful to everyone in this area who will stand up and cheers when they head regarding the Undertaker. It’s disrespectful to everyone who took an oversized mortician and grew to develop into him proper right into a god. Without the parents, there’s no Streak and there’s no Undertaker. After the ones other people have given Undertaker the whole thing they’ve, he can’t give them a certain or a no?

If you’re retired then say you’re retired alternatively if you happen to’re in then say you’re in. The man that Undertaker has develop into is a coward. Just do something, even supposing it’s “some of that stupid stuff you do.” Roll a casket out proper right here or delicate something on hearth alternatively DO SOMETHING! Fans: “DO SOMETHING!” Cue Kane, with new observe, to chokeslam Cena without pronouncing a word.

Oh brother.

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From Smackdown.

Here’s Bryan to open problems up. He needs to care for the actions of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens from final week….alternatively they’re not proper right here however so we wish to speak about something else. Bryan talks about being grateful for the whole thing he has, which was the theme of his retirement speech. He has the most productive lovers on this planet and an out of this world, shocking partner who stood by way of him all the manner. It was her who steered him to stick going to appear specialist after specialist to get him once more inside the ring. Fans: “THANK YOU BRIE!”

Then when he got depressed, he made up our minds to combat and it was Brie who steered him to combat for his wants. Eventually he was steered he was cleared and those wants turned into a reality. Next, Bryan should thank all the clinical docs who stored giving him clearances until the WWE clinical docs in spite of everything did the identical. Bryan isn’t sure when he’ll be once more inside the ring so proper right here’s a WRESTLEMANIA chant to provide him an idea.

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And from later within the identical show.

Back from a ruin and Bryan is inside the ring to appear Owens and Zayn. Owens talks about taking their time getting proper right here alternatively Shane McMahon wasn’t going to be proper right here so it wasn’t a big deal. Then they heard what came about and got over proper right here as soon as they’ll. They had to get out of a dashing ticket alternatively it was easy on account of everybody appears to be dumber in Texas. Sami is happy with the news on account of Bryan has at all times been their greatest fan.

It’s a antique case of superb problems happening to superb other people and any show with the three of them on it is the dream show. It seems like a dream personnel, alternatively that’s not why Bryan wanted them out proper right here. Bryan displays a clip of the two of them attacking Shane to complete final week’s show, which they find funny. That’s not cool with Bryan alternatively Sami says Shane deserved it. Bryan thinks they don’t get it.

Shane was correct: Bryan was dwelling vicariously during the 2 of them, alternatively final week was more than getting slightly carried away. The issue is Sami and Kevin won on account of Shane agreed that he had long gone too a long way. They had a are compatible organize for Wrestlemania, which was all that they’d ever wanted. Imagine the three of them being steered that at an armory in front of 300 other people ten years up to now.

They would have had Bryan in his corner to run the show alternatively they nevertheless assaulted Shane. Bryan doesn’t get it alternatively he’s been fired from this company two instances and grown from it each and every time. The two of them are fired and are so surprised that they can’t speak about. Owens goes to leave alternatively decks Bryan, followed by way of some screaming that Bryan did this.

Bryan fights once more with kicks inside the corner and a snap German suplex to Sami, followed by way of the running corner dropkicks. Referees come out as Owens takes the YES Kicks alternatively Sami gets once more up for the save. Bryan eats a Helluva Kick and the apron powerbomb makes problems even worse to complete the show.

I believe everyone knows what’s next.

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Lucha House Party vs. Ariya Daivari/Tony Nese/TJP

Kalisto and TJP get began problems off with the latter talking trash, earning himself a shuttle to the mat and a spank. The rolling kick to the head rocks TJP all over again and the whole thing breaks down in a hurry. Double suicide dives have the villains in hassle alternatively Daivari racks Dorado. That’s broken up as neatly and it’s a superkick into the taking pictures well-known individual for the very fast pin on Daivari at 2:01.

Result: Lucha House Party b. Ariya Daivari/Tony Nese/TJP – Shooting well-known individual press to Daivari (2:01)

Wrestlemania rundown.

From Raw all over again.

Here’s Kurt Angle to open problems up and he has some unhealthy data: Roman Reigns may not be proper right here this night time as a result of his suspension and Brock Lesnar isn’t proper right here however. Angle goes to talk about the tag personnel combat royal alternatively proper right here’s Roman Reigns during the group. Kurt warns him that protection is able alternatively Roman doesn’t care. Someone should be proper right here to represent the main fit of Wrestlemania since Brock isn’t showing up.

They yell at each and every other with Reigns pronouncing he’s not going anywhere and getting a chair. Angle waves it off and leaves so listed here are the United States Marshals, thought to be one among which draws out a card and provides him the Miranda rights. Reigns is handcuffed alternatively they make the mistake of grabbing his hands and the beating is on. Reigns stands tall and CUE LESNAR!

The beatdown is on in a hurry with Brock throwing German suplexes and beating the heck out of him with the chair. An F5 leaves Reigns laying and proper right here’s a stretcher to return again get Roman. He’s strapped on alternatively Brock comes once more all over again and shoves the stretcher over. Reigns is left laying.

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