Impact Wrestling
Date: March 22, 2018
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Sonjay Dutt

It’s time to determine what took place closing week in Feast or Fired. Tonight is the outlet of the briefcases and that implies 3 persons are getting name photographs whilst a fourth is getting fired. The firing isn’t the largest marvel on the planet however there’s nonetheless some pastime in other places. Let’s get to it.

The case holders (Eli Drake, Moose, Petey Williams and Ethan Carter III) arrive as Josh recaps closing week’s fit.

Recap of Feast of Fired.

Opening series.

Here’s Alberto El Patron to mention he can struggle even though he’s in a swimsuit. He’s able to struggle an actual champion in Austin Aries, however Aries doesn’t know who in reality is the best guy that ever lived. Cue Aries to speak about how they’re no so other. They’re prepared to punch other folks within the face and so they love skilled wrestling.

Aries is the reality regardless that and the name fit is on for Redemption. Alberto says they each have one thing to turn out so the name fit is on. Did we in reality want to identify that two times? Aries says he’s quick however the chip he’ll stand on makes him larger. El Patron is going to go away as Austin’s tune performs, however Aries says to play Alberto’s, as a result of his received’t be taking part in to finish Redemption.

The hosts are within the studio to preview the display with Josh fortunately no longer preserving the Grand Championship.

Trevor Lee vs. Fallah Bahh

Lee makes the error of shoving Bahh and falls to the facility of the abdominal. Bahh steps over his again however a Caleb Konley distraction shall we Lee knock him to the ground. Back in and we hit an overly fast neck crank for 2 sooner than Lee thinks it’s a good suggestion to check out a sundown turn. That earns him the sitdown splash so Konley tries to come back in. Bahh rolls over either one of them in a row however takes too lengthy going up, permitting Lee to roll him up from the center rope for the pin at 5:28.

Result: Trevor Lee b. Fallah Bahh – Rollup (5:28)

OVE is stalking Alisha Edwards (Eddie’s spouse) in her lodge. Eddie sees it and runs off as OVE will get to her door.

Petey Williams is able to open his briefcase and change into X-Division Champion once more as soon as and for all.

X-Division Title: Rohit Raju vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal is protecting and has Josh Matthews in his nook, that means Sonjay is by myself on remark. Matt takes him into the nook however shall we him out with a peace signal. An armbar lets them flip up the tempo a little till Sydal fees into an elbow. That’s about it for Raju in this day and age as Matt takes him down right into a Muta Lock.

As standard it’s no longer sufficient for a submission so Raju comes again with a neckbreaker as we take a smash. Back with Sydal getting two off a status moonsault however Raju hits a working knee to the top. A German suplex cuts Raju off and the taking pictures superstar connects to retain Sydal’s name at 11:24.

Result: Matt Sydal b. Rohit Raju – Shooting superstar press (11:24)

Moose is able to change into World Champion and is happy he gambled on Feast or Fired.

Eli Drake is able to get his World Title again. They can strike him down however he’ll be again even more potent. He’s the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Impact Wrestling.

Knockouts Title: Allie vs. Sienna

Allie is protecting and Sienna jumps her sooner than the bell. A crossbody is pulled out of the air and Sienna will get two off a slam. Forearms paintings a little higher for Allie and a Codebreaker will get two. Sienna will get the similar off a discus lariat however Allie slips out of the AK47 and superkicks her right down to retain at 3:55.

Result: Allie b. Sienna – Superkick (3:55)

Post fit Braxton Sutter comes out to check out and reconcile with Allie, most effective to name her Laurel by means of mistake. Allie’s sideways glare is superb. Sutter proposes and Allie doesn’t appear inspired, however the debuting Su Yung is available in from in the back of and beats her down. A twisting Samoan Driver leaves Allie laying, a lot to Sutter’s pride.

Ethan Carter III says he’s going to get the World Title shot however a number of other folks stroll by means of, pronouncing he’ll be fired.

Classic Clip: Abyss vs. Mick Foley in Monster’s Ball from Bound For Glory 2009.

Eddie arrives on the lodge, runs into the room and unearths….his spouse protected in mattress. Then he leavess, most effective to stumble upon Sami Callihan (dressed as a maid) so the brawl can get away. Sami will get the easier of it and Alisha comes out to test on Eddie, incomes herself the thumbs down from Callihan.

The announcers preview the remainder of the display.

We recap Jimmy Jacobs/Kongo Kong vs. Joseph Park, who has change into Abyss once more. Tonight it’s Monster’s Ball.

Abyss vs. Kongo Kong

Anything is going and Abyss has James Mitchell in his nook. Abyss wins an early slugout however Kong runs him over and kilos away. A garbage can to the top places Kong at the flooring regardless that and we take a smash. Back with Kong getting slammed off the highest and Abyss grabbing the bag of tacks.

That’s no longer sufficient regardless that as Mitch brings in Janice (the two×four with nails protruding). Kong chokeslams him onto the tacks to avoid wasting his personal existence and it’s desk time. He takes WAY an excessive amount of time going up best regardless that and will get powerbombed during the desk for 2 as an alternative. Now it’s the barbed twine board however Abyss will get slammed onto that as neatly, putting in place the highest rope splash for the pin at 12:20.

Result: Kongo Kong b. Abyss – Top rope splash (12:20)

It’s time to open the briefcases so Williams, Moose, Drake and Carter are within the ring.

First up is Eli who will get….a Tag Team Title shot. Drake: “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Next up is Williams who will get….an X-Division Title shot. He turns out satisfied.

Before we open the general two instances, Moose says he’s successful. Carter says see you by no means Moose as a result of he’s about to be fired. It’s Moose getting the World Title shot and Carter has fact set in in no time. He’s frozen in position and will’t open the case, sooner or later pronouncing that’s no longer his case. It’s Ishimori’s case however JB opens it as an alternative.

Carter thinks it’s a funny story and calls this complete factor a dumb concept. Is King of the Mountain subsequent? He’s held this corporate on his completely symmetrical again for years now. Carter is going right into a crazed rant about all of his accomplishments, together with being Dixie Carter’s nephew. He in spite of everything calms down….after which beats JB up with the briefcase. Brian Cage is available in for the save and it’s a Drill Claw to finish the display.

Trevor Lee b. Fallah Bahh – Rollup
Matt Sydal b. Rohit Raju – Shooting superstar press
Allie b. Sienna – Superkick
Kongo Kong b. Abyss – Top rope splash

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