This is our free up week of Fightful Select, which choices some great most sensible price content material subject matter as we kick off the supplier. Below is a listing of content material subject matter that we've publish in our first couple of days!

RETRO SHOW!- I reviewed WWF Backlash 1999 and was once as soon as pleasantly stunned. It was once as soon as a in fact fun watch, and it got me inside the mood to look at a lot more stuff from the era, then again WrestleMania week has behind schedule it. I will be able to check next month's could be WWF Summerslam 2000, at the request of $50 subscriber Alex Andrason.

EARLY ACCESS- Right now at Fightful Select you’ll be able to see the intro for this week's List & Ya Boy a day ahead, along with the early draft of the Fightful Wrestling Weekly three entire days ahead of time! In addition, I’ve numerous early get admission to clips up, along with a check out the Making a Finisher assortment coming later this 12 months. Jimmy Van has moreover posted some teaser images for this week's List & Ya Boy Podcast.

RAW SCRIPT- I've posted this week's WWE Raw script as well. Ever perplexed what a Raw structure gave the impression of, or who produced what fits? Head over there and take a look. I'll be together with Smackdown Live's this week as well.

Dark Match Commentary!- The first Dark Match Commentary is up, and it's of Brock Lesnar vs. Funaki. The are compatible of the AGES!! I moreover introduced a loose one final week, which you’ll be able to check out beneath.

GALLERIES- The first few galleries are uploaded, and in a while I’m hoping to have they all posted. Shots include our BroCast posters, some photos from wrestling an identical travels, and additional!

Jimmy Van's Archive– This month's are compatible from Jimmy Van's vault showcases a young Bobby Roode in Canada. He moreover has bleached hair.

FREE!- I posted loose content material subject matter to preview the supplier, along with a Q&A Podcast and the aforementioned Dark Match Commentary.

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