She’s one of a kind. Consider Charlotte. She’s a naturally talented wrestler, a physical specimen and nearly a prodigy inside the ring. Charlotte has gone from NXT to dominating the main roster in the span of less than three years and seems poised to have a major match at “Wrestlemania XXXIV”. But what’s going on inside her head?

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Charlotte was recently a guest on “Conversations With Maria Menunos” where she talked about a variety of issues as we get closer to “Wrestlemania XXXIV”. These include her desired opponent, a discussion on Ronda Rousey and what her father’s legacy meant to her. Here are some highlights, with transcription courtesy of

On Her Most Wanted Wrestlemania Opponent

“I want to wrestle Asuka, I want to break her streak. We’ve never faced each other, never been in a multi-woman match. I feel her coming from Japan and having her own legacy, and coming from a completely different culture, and then my background, I think it’s definitely a WrestleMania moment. So that’s who I would like to face.”

On the Locker Room Being Happy to Have Rousey

“Oh, they should be. Ronda’s a star and an attraction and with her coming to be a part of the women’s division, obviously it brings more eyes on the women’s division, not just our audience. I mean, people that don’t even watch wrestling, they know who Ronda Rousey is. They’re like, ‘oh she’s on WWE, oh let’s tune in for a second.’ So I think that’s huge. But, you know, we’re on the road 265 days a year and you just can’t call yourself a WWE Superstar. So the easiest thing she’ll do is sign a contract. Whether she’s willing to put in that work, that’s where the respect and understanding our culture and what it means to be a star in our industry… we’ll see how the future plays out. ”

And on Her Father’s Legacy

“I didn’t really know about his legacy. That’s what’s crazy. People are like, ‘well, your Dad was Ric Flair, you must have grown up around the business.’ Yes, I went to my Dad’s matches, but I was always playing sports and I just wasn’t really into, I don’t know, the celebrity scene. It’s when I started, that’s when I started to learn, wow, my Dad means a lot to a lot of people in this industry and I started to understand his choices. Now being a part of a company, now I get it. The feel you get when you walk on stage, in front of 101,000 people, there’s nothing like it. Being able to control an arena full of emotions, now I understand. And then the road life becomes your family.”

Opinion: Charlotte is a case where you tend to forget how new she is to wrestling. She’s thirty one years old and has only been wrestling for less than five years now. Consider all that and then realize that she’s on the short list for best of all time. That’s just not normal, no matter how you look at her. She could get so much better that it’s almost hard to imagine and we’re lucky enough to get to watch.

Here’s Charlotte in a very emotional moment with her father.

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What do you think of Charlotte? Who will take her Women’s Title? Let us know in the comments below.

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