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John Cena Says He Turned Heel 10 Years Ago

John Cena recently did an “Actually Me” episode for GQ where he went undercover on several internet platforms and replied to his fans. He talked about various topics and when asked why we never see him turn heel, he made the following remarks:

“Oftentimes, I run out onto our well-produced stage to thunderous boos, and my theme song has been remixed by the audience many times. And I quote, “John Cena sucks.” Soooo, I turned heel, you missed it. It happened… just about ten years ago.”

The Taz Show Recap – UK Shows vs. USA Shows, Great Balls of Fire,...

Blocks 1 & 2:

A listener calls into the show and tells Taz says that he considers him to be one of his favourite four wrestlers of all time. The caller says that ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior and Taz are his top four. Taz genuinely thanks the caller, and says that those other three guys are unbelievable company to be in.

Taz comments on Steve Harvey’s recent email to his staff, where he told them to respect his privacy while filming the upcoming fifth season of his talk show. Taz thought this was terrific and jokes that he’s going to send a similar email to all of his staff. He doesn’t have a dressing room like Harvey, but he will find a way to seclude himself from the rest of his staff.

Another listener calls into the show and tells Taz that he gets a lot of heat from his friends and family for being an adult who still watches professional wrestling. Taz urges the callers to ask his friends and family if they enjoy watching television shows or films, because it’s all the same as professional wrestling. It’s simply a form of entertainment, and there are plenty of intelligent adults who watch wrestling on a weekly basis.