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WWE Interested In Another Top ROH Wrestler

Aside from WWE being interested in signing Adam Cole to an NXT developmental deal, there is another wrestler that they are also interested in.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dalton Castle is on their radar and the company may attempt to pursuit him. It’s being said that his deal with Ring of Honor is up this month and WWE has shown “great interest” in him. The feeling is that he could be a major Superstar in NXT if the two agree to a deal.

If WWE does decide to reach out to him, he will not be debuting for the company right away if a deal is signed. WWE has a new policy where talents must wait at least 90-days until after their ROH contract runs out to appear on their television. This was done because of past legal issues between WWE and Ring of Honor.

Wait Don’t Go. Recent NXT Callup Not Sticking Around On Main Roster?

Not so fast? Earlier this year, four names from NXT appeared on the main roster seemingly out of nowhere and made quite the impact. Aleister Black, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano and the injured Tommaso Ciampa all debuted and took the show by storm with Black and Ricochet already having had a title match on pay per view. However, for another one for another one of them, plans seem to have changed. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Gargano may be staying down in NXT instead of moving up to the main roster full time due to Ciampa’s injury. The two were brought up as a tag team but with Ciampa on the shelf for several months, Gargano may be heading back down to developmental. With the NXT Title now vacant, Gargano may be taking the title to carry the brand. What could be again. Check out Gargano returning as Johnny Wrestling: [This post contains video, click to play] Opinion: I can’t say I’m surprised and I also can’t say I’m not disappointed. Gargano is more than ready for t..

Jeff Jarrett Says Impact Owns The Broken Universe

While speaking to White:List, Jeff Jarrett made the following remarks when asked about the on-going legal battle between The Hardy Boyz and Impact Wrestling over the ownership of the Broken Gimmick:

“I always take the high road because there is legal squabbles or potential legal squabbles but I have said this to a couple of outlets, and I say this with very broad strokes – I am from Nashville so I am around music which is intellectual property and I have been in the business 30 years. Intellectual property laws are very simple, there are two sides to it; there are publishers and the writers, then there are the performers as well.”

“Jeff Hardy has been one of my best friends for 20 years, you can look on my social media and their social media, and we take family vacations together but business is business,” Jarrett continued. “So when it relates to IP it’s real simple, there is a publisher who owns the property, there is a writer who gets credit and can monetize it, then there is the performers. There is no question that Broken Matt and Brother Nero’s performances were off the charts good. But when it comes to ownership to me it’s almost a silly squabble, it’s never been in question. Impact are the owners.”

You can check out the full interview here.

Several Potential Changes As SmackDown Live Goes To FOX

SmackDown Live is officially heading to FOX in the future. We have compiled a number of changes that WWE is expected to make for the new Network. Some of the first announcements or rumors we’ve heard in regards to FOX taking SmackDown Live is that WWE will be adding an extra hour to the show, changing the air dates from Tuesdays to Fridays. If this is to be believed, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio discussed how WWE may be forced to deal with the changes during WrestleMania week. This is because WrestleMania week usually includes the PPV itself, NXT: TakeOver, Raw and the Hall of Fame. Here is what Meltzer had to say: “I wonder about the idea of a SmackDown Live on a Friday before WrestleMania. I guess you could do that as the go-home show Obviously the NXT [TakeOver] will move to Saturday and the Hall Of Fame would move to Thursday or Tuesday, I’m going to guess Thursday because if it’s on Tuesday everyone’s going to go home and it will die.” This would still be a pro..