It has been previously reported that Roman Reigns will be challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.

There have been rumors that “The Beast” is planning to leave WWE after WrestleMania in order to make his return to UFC. How is this effecting what the plan for the champion is heading into the biggest show of the year?

The feud between Reigns and Lesnar is heating up, which you can see from “The Big Dog’s” interaction with Paul Heyman this past week on “Raw:”

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According to the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is planning to have the storyline be that Lesnar is, in fact, leaving and that he is being downplayed on the way out, so it won’t come across as such a big loss.

They are wanting to create a situation where the fans celebrate his departure.

In addition, the company is to try and get a babyface reaction for Reigns as the guy who beats Lesnar and sends him off into the sunset.

Part of this plan was set in motion when fans were not happy that Lesnar beat Kane in 36 seconds at a recent Live Event in Chicago.

Editor’s Opinion:

I don’t know if there are truth to any of the rumors that Lesnar is leaving, but either way, this is a good story for the company to go with. Anytime that the lines between fiction and reality can be blurred, it makes for excellent television; which is important leading up to the biggest show of the year.

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