Bill Simmons says WWE trusts him with Andre the Giant's tale.

Earlier this week, the Andre the Giant documentary premiered on HBO. The movie follows the lifetime of Andre the Giant and offers insights to his existence. In an interview with ESPN, manufacturer of the movie Bill Simmons talked in regards to the advent of the movie. He stated he were construction relationships inside WWE as a result of his podcast and in the end he were given to speak to Vince McMahon.

"At that point I had a good enough relationship with the WWE to at least get them on the phone and get Vince, so we had this teleconference call…and basically tried to convince Vince to do it for an hour. It was really personal to him. I think we swayed them. The WWE is a really good company that is very protective of their (intellectual property) and they should be," stated Simmons.

Even regardless that WWE is protecting, Simmons stated he feels depended on through the corporate.

"I just don't think this is something that could have happened sooner than this. They really put a lot of faith in us and they did not meddle or anything. They really trusted that we were going to do something good. It was a really good outcome, but it was basically an 11-year odyssey for me," stated Simmons.

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