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It’s a gig. There are various similarities between wrestling and acting, as both involve putting on a performance. While wrestlers are often described as acting, it isn’t quite the same thing as having a director yell ACTION and performing your scene. That being said, there are enough similarities that wrestlers often try to get in on acting, which is the case again with a WWE star.

According to, WWE star Liv Morgan is expected to make her film debut in the upcoming comedic thriller The Kill Room, staring Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman. The film focuses on a money laundering scheme involving art, with Morgan playing “an art purist who bemoans the vapidness of art dealers.” There is no word on what the film will premiere or how big of a part Morgan will have.

Opinion: Good for Morgan for landing something like this. That is a bit more than some part in a B level movie as there are some stars involved with this. I’m not sure how well Morgan will do in acting, but congratulations on seeing how well it can go. Maybe this works for her and she gets a chance to tap into a talent that she hasn’t been able to use before this.

What do you think of Morgan’s chances in acting? Which wrestlers would make the best actors? Let us know in the comments below.

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