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They’re the big ones. WWE runs a lot of events every single year, some of which are bigger than others. Almost every month, WWE runs a premium live event, with a good many of them having long and detailed histories. It can mean a lot when WWE shakes up its special events calendar, but now we might be in for some pretty big changes, including an old classic making its return.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is considering major changes to its premium live events schedule. This would include an annual United Kingdom event, plus a possible return of the King of the Ring. Vince McMahon dropped King of the Ring as a regular show as it did not produce strong pay per view buys. However, thanks to guaranteed money from Peacock and other sources, the results are not as important and the show is a possibility again. King of the Ring did return in 2021, but not as its own event.

Opinion: This is one of the perks of having so much income, as it allows WWE to do some fun things rather than having to focus on what brings in the most money. King of the Ring has some uses and while I’m not sure it needs to be its own show, having the option for it to be one is certainly interesting. If nothing else, the idea of shaking things up is a good thing as the calendar has been so set in one way for a long time. Mix it up a bit and have some fresh ideas in there.

What shows do you want off the WWE calendar? Do you want King of the Ring to return? Let us know in the comments below.

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