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That would have been different. Roman Reigns has dominated the WWE landscape for more than two years now and there is nothing to suggest that he is going to be falling from the top anytime soon. WWE has built Reigns up into an all time star and it is not clear who can take one or both World Titles from him. It seems WWE might have had a plan to have him drop one in a bit of a messy way.

According to WrestleVotes during an interview with Give Me Sport, WWE had considered a plan to have Reigns lose one of the World Titles to Drew McIntyre at Clash At The Castle in September. The idea would have been to have Austin Theory cash in Money In The Bank for only one of the two titles, turning the match into a triple threat. Then Tyson Fury would have knocked Theory out as he did and McIntyre would have won one of the titles. There is no word on why WWE decided to not run with the idea.

The match was a huge battle. Check out how things went down:

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Opinion: I can get why WWE didn’t go in this direction as there would be no reason for Theory to not go after both titles if he had the chance. It makes sense for WWE to want to have a pair of World Champions again, but WWE would have wanted to come up with something a little bit better than a Money In The Bank cash-in for one of the belts. When Reigns does lose, it’s going to be a big deal though and that should be special.

What do you think of the idea? How will Reigns lose the titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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