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That would have been different. There are different ways to tell stories in wrestling and some of them can be quite effective. One of the most common stories that you will see is a betrayal of a friendship, where one wrestler turns on his partner and friend out of nowhere. WWE had plans to do that again on a big scale but now an injury has changed those plans in a big way.

Back in May, Randy Orton was forced to take time away from WWE due to a serious back injury. During his absence, Orton’s partner Matt Riddle has continued to talk about Orton as well as using his signature moves. According to WrestleVotes during an interview with GiveMeSport, the original plan for Orton’s return would have seen him turn on Riddle the night he came back. However, due to Orton’s injury taking him out longer than expected, the plans, which were made when Vince McMahon still ran WWE, have changed. There is no word on when Orton is expected back in WWE.

Opinion: This is an idea that I could absolutely see from WWE and I don’t know how well it would have gone. At the end of the day, Orton and Riddle are one of the most popular teams in WWE today and I’m not sure I can imagine the two of them splitting up. That being said, the idea of Orton turning on Riddle would be one of the most emotional moments in recent WWE history so it could be worth a look.

What do you think of the idea? How would it have worked out? Let us know in the comments below.

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