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They might need someone new. We are coming up on Survivor Series, which will feature a pair of WarGames matches, with one involving men and another involving women. That means each match will involve two groups of wrestlers, some of which will possibly be a previously established stable. Some of those are already around, and now one of them might be interested in getting a new member.

This week on Monday Night Raw, the OC (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) returned to WWE, reuniting with AJ Styles to help him in his fight against Judgment Day. According to Xero News, WWE is considering adding a woman to the Styles/OC group to face Judgment Day at Survivor Series. This is NOT a confirmed match and there is no word on who the woman might be.

Early talks

A pitch has been made for

Team Wyatt

This year for Survivor Series

Alongside this WWE is looking to do

Judgement Day vs The OC and a mystery Female

These are both very early pitches.

— Xero News (@NewsXero) October 12, 2022

Opinion: This is an idea that makes some sense, though I’m not sure how much logic there is in having a men’s match and women’s WarGames match if one of the matches could have men and women involved. That being said, maybe this is another match that doesn’t take place under WarGames rules, which could make things all the more interesting. I could go for something like this and that is a nice feeling to have.

What do you think of the idea? Who would you have join Styles and the OC? Let us know in the comments below.

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