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The next generation. One of the most important things a wrestling promotion can do is make sure that there is fresh talent being brought in. At some point the older wrestlers have to be phased out of the spotlight with new stars being moved up. That does not work if the stars are not brought in at some point and now WWE might have their eyes on another second generation star.

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According to, Colby Corino’s NWA contract expires at the end of December, which will make him a free agent going into the new year. WWE is reportedly interested in signing Corino, who will be heading to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. If things go well for him, he is expected to be signed with the company. Corino’s father Steve us a trainer at the Performance Center and an NXT producer.

Colby has made a name for himself. Check out some of his work:

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Opinion: This is the kind of signing that WWE needs to make. You have a second generation star who has had some success on the independent circuit. At some point WWE needs to bring in some new people and it is nice to see that instead of bringing in various athletes from outside of the wrestling world. Maybe he can become a star in WWE, with bringing him in being the first step.

What do you think of Colby? Who else should WWE sign? Let us know in the comments below.

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