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They’re doing something right. WWE is a huge wrestling company and its two flagship programs air on major networks. This includes SmackDown on FOX and Monday Night Raw on USA, both of which receive major attention every single week. WWE has to work hard to make sure that the networks are happy and now they have some good news on one of those fronts.

According to Andrew Zarian, both WWE and the USA Network are pleased with how Monday Night Raw is currently going. This includes the viewership and cable rating, both of which saw boosts this week. The show included the surprise return of Brock Lesnar, which may have been a “make good” on the lack of Bray Wyatt appearing on the show. Wyatt is expected to be part of the SmackDown roster going forward.

USA network and WWE are both very happy with the direction of Raw.

Lesnar returning on the show felt like a “make good” to many at USA for not having Bray on Raw following the buzz from Extreme Rules.

— Andrew Zarian (@AndrewZarian) October 11, 2022

Opinion: This is the kind of thing can change from week to week but the good thing is that at least USA seems to be on the same page with WWE at the moment. WWE definitely wants to keep USA happy for the upcoming television rights negotiations and at least they are doing something right so far. Now WWE needs to keep things going, but that is a lot easier said than done.

What do you think of Monday Night Raw at the moment? How can the show be made better? Let us know in the comments below.

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