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Moving up in the world. As previously reported, William Regal is returning to WWE after his contract expires with AEW this month. However, it seems he will be returning to a different role than before.

According to a report from PWInsider, Regal will have a Vice President position in the company when he returns, but it is not yet known what his official title/role will be. He will return to the company beginning in January 2023.

Regal was written off of AEW television a couple of weeks ago when MJF knocked him out with the same brass knuckles that Regal gave him to win the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Further according to Tony Khan, Regal can return to WWE and coach but not be an on-air personality in 2023.

Editor’s Opinion:

This is great news for everyone involved and a perfect role for him. He is one of the greatest wrestling minds of the last 40 years and everybody that is around him will benefit from his experience. He knows how to work with talent, executives, and people outside of the business, and will be a great ambassador for WWE!

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