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What could have been. There are all kinds of wrestlers in the world today but very few reach the top level of stardom. Occasionally you will see someone break through to the next level, but it is even rarer to see someone become an icon. Now we know what one of the biggest names in wrestling today almost did, which could have completely changed the wrestling world.

WRESTLING RUMOR: WWE Interested In Signing Second Generation Star

During a recent edition of the Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle revealed that Brock Lesnar almost joined him in Impact Wrestling (TNA Wrestling at the time). Angle says that Lesnar called him after leaving WWE and asked what Angle was making there. Lesnar said that if the company would match that, he would come in. However, Impact Wrestling turned down the offer, saying they weren’t going to pay it. It is not clear when this took place, though Angle debuted in Impact Wrestling in September 2006 and Lesnar signed with the UFC in October 2007.

Angle and Lesnar do have a history. Check out some of their time together in WWE:

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Opinion: The idea of Lesnar in Impact Wrestling is almost impossible to fathom but if what Angle is saying is true, the wrestling world could have been very different with a simple yes. Lesnar is a major star and that is something that Impact Wrestling could have used. If nothing else, it would have gotten Lesnar back in an American wrestling ring several years faster, but it just wasn’t meant to be at the time.

How would Lesnar have done in Impact Wrestling? When will Lesnar return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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