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Something out of nothing. There are all kinds of ways for a wrestler to make a connection with the crowd and one of the most effective is a catchphrase. Someone saying something that the fans instantly recognize is one of those things that will work almost every time. No matter what else is being said, you know who is speaking every time. Now we know a bit more about how one of the best known modern catchphrases came about.

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Vickie Guerrero was recently interviewed by Pro Wrestling Illustrated and spoke about the origin of her “Excuse Me” catchphrase. Guerrero explained that one night she was scheduled to do a promo but specifics were changed several times throughout the day. As a result, Guerrero was a bit shaken and as the fans began jeering her, she eventually yelled EXCUSE ME. The WWE writers continues using in it her promos and it became her catchphrase.

Guerrero has done a lot over the years. Check out some of her time in WWE:

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Opinion: There is always something interesting when something like this almost happened due to an accident. Guerrero turned what was little more than her being nervous into the thing that she is most famous for and got a career out of the thing. That is more than you are going to see most of the time and good for her for coming up with something that kept her in wrestling for a long time.

What do you think of Guerrero’s catchphrase? What is the best manager catchphrase? Let us know in the comments below.

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