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He’s done? With so much talent on WWE, it can be difficult to find time for a lot of wrestlers to get in the ring or even on television. It can be frustrating for some stars who are unable to appear on any of the shows and in some cases it can cause some problems for those wrestlers. That might be the case again with a star who has a history with not appearing on WWE TV for a long time.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Mustafa Ali had his first match on the show in nearly two months, losing to Bobby Lashley. Ali has since released a video, titled “I’m Done”, in which he says he is done with waiting around for someone to come after him or with blaming everyone else for his problems. Ali also warns anyone who is in the ring with him of what is coming for them. There is no word on any plans from WWE to use Ali more frequently.

There’s a lot to this. Check out what Ali had to say:

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Opinion: We’ll have to wait and see where this leads, but the video was certainly well made and emotional. Ali is one of the more intriguing people on the WWE roster as he seems capable of becoming one of the more interesting stars in the company. The problem is that he never gets a chance and we don’t get to see this potential ever turn into anything. Maybe that changes this time, but it is something I’ll need to see to believe.

What did you think of the video? Where will this lead for Ali? Let us know in the comments below.

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