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It’s a different group. Stables have been a part of WWE’s history for decades now and there is nothing to suggest that they will be going away anytime soon. They are a logical idea, as you can have several wrestlers in one place and getting more television time than they might have otherwise. Now though, we might be seeing a WWE stable gaining another member.

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Last month on Monday Night Raw, Maxxine Dupri of Maximum Male Models met Otis and thought he could be perfect for the team. This week, Dupri offered Otis a modeling job while saying that Otis could be the face of their brand, which left Otis seeming intrigued. There is no word on where this could be going or what this will mean for Otis’ partner Chad Gable.

This has potential. Check out what happened, plus what Otis has done away from Gable before:

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Opinion: This might be the best thing that could happen to Otis. The Alpha Academy has seemingly run through everything that it can do and need something to be shaken up. The best days of Otis’ career have been when he was more comedy based and that might be what we are seeing again here. If nothing else, it is nice to see Otis getting to do something after spinning his wheels for so long.

What do you think of the possible change? How would Otis do as a model? Let us know in the comments below.

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