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It got his attention. Wrestlers have to be in the ring quite a few times every week, many of which are not going to be seen by a majority of the fans. With several events taking place just in front of the live fans, wrestlers need to do something to keep things interesting, or at least entertaining. That is something that was done at one point between two legends, one of whom was not pleased.

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During a recent edition of the Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle told a story of a match with the Undertaker in Japan. Following the match, Angle told Undertaker that they should hug, which Undertaker did. As they did, Angle kissed Undertaker on the lips, leaving Undertaker livid as Angle left. Undertaker said that it was a long flight home, with Angle saying that it was the only time he saw Undertaker laugh.

This was a weird one. Check out what happened, plus the two in more natural circumstances:

[This post contains video, click to play]

[This post contains video, click to play]

[This post contains video, click to play]

Opinion: This is one of those things that wrestlers probably do just to break up the monotony a little bit. You can only have so many of the same matches and moments over and over again before you go a little bit nuts so mixing it up can be helpful. I’m sure the fans had a chuckle at this and it made what was just a fun match into something a lot more memorable.

What do you think of the clip? What is the funniest thing you have ever seen from a live event? Let us know in the comments below.

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