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You think you know me. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel in which they show the full 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble match from the premium live event of the same name.

You can see the match in its entirety below:

[This post contains video, click to play]


Intent on settling score with The Viper, Edge walloped Orton with a steel chair during the match’s chaotic opening minutes. The attack left Orton limping and seemingly unable to continue, as referees assisted him to the locker room, where he was tended to by WWE’s medical team.

With The Apex Predator thought to be out of the picture, the carnage continued inside the ring. Surprise entrants included former NXT North American Champion Damian Priest and the most dominant competitor in Royal Rumble Match history, Kane. Perhaps the biggest shocker of all was the arrival of former World Heavyweight Champion Christian at No. 24. Competing in his first true match since 2014, Christian was greeted with a hug by Edge, his best friend and longtime teammate. Seth Rollins, meanwhile, returned to action for the first time since Survivor Series, entering second to last.

Although not an official entrant, Bad Bunny, who performed his hit song “Booker T” earlier in the night, also made his presence felt, distracting The Miz and John Morrison long enough for Damian Priest to eliminate them, a bit of payback for The Miz having destroyed Bad Bunny’s turntables.

AJ Styles benefited from the presence of Omos at ringside, as the gigantic Superstar not only helped eliminate Superstars like Big E and Rey Mysterio, but also kept The Phenomenal One from being tossed. That is, until Braun Strowman finally tossed Styles out of the ring, away from Omos’ long reach.

The field eventually boiled down to Rollins and Edge — at least, seemingly. The Messiah tried to Stomp Edge, but The Rated-R Superstar sidestepped the attack and threw out Rollins. Still, Edge evidently had one more obstacle to overcome, as Orton reappeared out of the blue to deliver an RKO. Ever the ring veteran, Edge reversed Orton’s subsequent elimination attempt and sent The Legend Killer tumbling to the floor.

Editor’s Opinion:

This just didn’t have the same effect in the ThunderDome as it does in person, but even so, the WWE performers gave it their all. In the end, it was very cool to see Edge go the distance in the Royal Rumble to earn his opportunity at the Universal Championship at WrestleMania that year!

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