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Even more. Earlier this year, the wrestling world was rocked by the announcement that Vince McMahon was under an official WWE investigation over allegations of inappropriate relationships with various women. McMahon was accused of using company funds to pay the women for their silence, spending millions of dollars in the process. McMahon officially retired from WWE in July, but things are not done yet.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, two more women are seeking payment from McMahon over allegations of sexual assault. First, former WWE referee Rita Chatterton is demanding $11.75 million from McMahon. Chatterton accused McMahon of sexual assault in 1986 though no charges were ever filed.

In addition, an attorney for a second, unnamed woman is demanding payment over an alleged assault by McMahon at a California spa in 2011. The woman’s husband attempted to confront McMahon at a WWE live event but was unable to do so. McMahon is reportedly refusing to pay either Chatterton or the other woman. WWE has yet to comment on the allegations, which come on the same day that McMahon is reportedly planning a comeback to the company.

Since these are very serious allegations, we’ll look at something lighter. Check out some of WWE’s lighter moments:

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Opinion: I’m not sure what this is going to mean for WWE, but McMahon coming back under these allegations is going to be quite the difficult task. How do you have someone with these kind of allegations against him come back to running a major company? That would be a heck of a difficult feat to pull off and I’m really not sure I can imagine WWE actually making it happen.

What do you think of McMahon’s situation? Will he be back in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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