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It came from the source. It had been previously reported that the Bella Twins were officially leaving WWE for good and had rebranded themselves as Nikki and Brie Garcia. One of the main questions that has risen is the wrestling future, particularly when it comes to AEW.

That question was answered today on Instagram Live, where Nikki confirmed that her and her sister would not be going to AEW. You can see a clip of that below:

Nikki and Brie Garcia are not going to AEW.

— Wrestling News (@WrestlingNewsCo) March 15, 2023

Garcia also mentioned that there was fan speculation that things have soured between both them and WWE. She said it seems that way because of “everything in the past” but there are no hard feelings.

Editor’s Opinion:

I’ll take the Garcias at their word, as they have absolutely no reason to taint their legacy by going to AEW. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Tony Khan threw a bunch of money at them to get a major pop for one night only, because that’s what a mark with a ton of money who plays a wrestling promoter does. Hopefully they will continue to build their brand as entrepreneurs, actresses and whatever else they decide to do, because they have the star power to do it!

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