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Clearing things up. It had been previously reported that WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus was backstage at Raw this past week and was expected to be on the show. However, that ended up not happening, and Stratus left the arena before the end of the show.

According to a report from Ringside News, Stratus had a long meeting with Triple H was and then her participation in the show changed after that. It is unknown whether she was angry about the situation and any report saying there was an “issue with creative” cannot be substantiated.

Trish Stratus was backstage for #WWERAW this week. We were able to also confirm that she was "in a meeting" with Triple H "for a while," and then her participation in the show changed after that.

— H Jenkins Of Ringside News (@HJenkinsWrites) February 22, 2023

From our own Thomas Hall:

Becky Lynch announced her intentions of challenging Damage Ctrl for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Lita then came to the ring and was announced as Lynch’s partner for the title match coming next week. Stratus was backstage at the show and was expected to be revealed as Lynch’s partner. The decision to use Lita was described as a “creative change” and Stratus left the arena before the segment aired.

Editor’s Opinion:

This is a weird situation to me, as I figured there would be a 6-woman match at WrestleMania involving Damage Control, Lynch, Lita and Stratus. Add the fact that WWE recently completed its tour of Canada, and Ottawa is close to where Stratus lives, and this just seems like a bizarre circumstance. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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