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That could have been a lot worse. Wrestlers have to do a lot of things right to make a match or event come together in the right way. Above all else, they are tasked with making fans care about them in one way or another, which can be rather difficult. At times, they can be too good at their job and a fan can take things a bit too far. A former WWE star has quite the story about how a fan got out of hand and had to be dealt with quickly.

Former WWE star and reigning NWA World Champion Trevor Murdoch appeared on the 10 Count podcast and talked about a time in a hotel bar in Ireland with then WWE Champion Randy Orton. A fan came up to Orton and asked for an autograph, which Orton gave him. The fan then insisted on getting something else signed, which Orton declined and asked to be left alone. This caused the fan to go into a tirade against Orton, shouting about how the fans pay his salary.

The fan was taken away by security but was waiting for Orton in the foyer later in the night. Murdoch had to intervene and punch the fan as he charged at Orton, leading to a brawl with a group of men who were with the fan as part of a wedding. Murdoch’s partner Lance Cade helped in the fight and the wrestlers escaped to the elevator. They were later detained by police but then released, with the police asking for photos with Murdoch and Cade.

Opinion: That is a heck of a story and the kind of thing that probably does happen to wrestlers when fans are not pleased with them. There is nothing wrong with wanting an autograph or to say hello to a wrestler, but there is a difference between a simple request and thinking that they owe you anything. The fight was quite the ordeal and thankfully everyone seemed to get away safely, as that could have been a lot worse.

What do you think of the story? Will Murdoch ever return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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