The race of Pro-Wrestling has everything dissimilar from normal human beings. After suffering and surviving hardships like poor financial status, endless travelling, less than expected audience, injuries and bruises, they get to the throne of limelight and money. Though every wrestler jostles through similar destitutions yet they have different stories to tell. The life of a wrestler is nothing less than a life of actor. From boring practice hours to crazy fan signatures, they live a very gradual life. Apart from amusement and thrill, these wrestlers area source of one more thing, we call it motivation, which something that is needed by every person whether a wrestling fan or not. So, what are the things these pro-wrestlers face after their pain and promotions? Let’s talk about it here.


When we talk about pro-wrestling, we often come across various questions. One of these questions challenges its authenticity. Though, we know the answer to this question, yet we ask this question to ourselves. Is it fake?  There is a minute number of audiences till out there who don’t know what really goes on during the match. Only these people are the ones who believe that everything is genuine. Actually, people who think pro-wrestling is fake, live in the world of delusion. Do you ever call a well-rehearsed and planned dance performance fake? Do you watch the stunts in a movie and define them as fake?

No, right.

These guys who we call wrestlers, after all, are still athletes and do some insanely crazy things. They know what moves to execute at what time without hurting their opponent. Every show is planned before hand just like every other movie and moves slowly towards its end carrying its own storyline with it. So now, when you know what the basic plot of a pro-wrestling match is, let’s talk about real thing i.e. training.

Yes, training for pro-wrestling isn’t easy, every match requires real training to be done. Do you really think these people carry out their moves and jabs without any knowledge. You must know that these wrestlers are actually trained hard to carry out these harmful appearing moves safely. Every now and then they practice for their match to deliver a realistic experience to the audience that pays for the enjoyment. Pretending to harm someone is harder than really hurting them, and this is what these people are professionals in. They carry out the right moves swiftly without letting anyone know that they safely did it and we exclaim ourselves with sorrow.

Don’t you think it’s better when everyone is entertained and no one is hurt at the end of the day?

As a fan everyone appreciates the efforts these wrestlers make. So next time when you go to a wrestling event — whether it be the best of the best or the worst of the worst — just believe it for a few hours and enjoy saints and evils, cheering and booing and going along with being part of the show. After all, the crowd is what makes wrestling a success.

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