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So the plan was no plan? While WWE and AEW are the most high profile wrestling promotions in the United States, they are far from the only companies in the industry. There are several other promotions out there who can offer all kinds of high quality wrestling action. One of them found a new owner this year, but it seems that the plans were not as intricate as expected.

Back in March, AEW President Tony Khan announced that he had purchased Ring Of Honor. The company has since run two events and its titles have been regularly featured on AEW television, but it does not have a television deal of its own. According to Wrestling Observer Live, Khan originally had no plans for Ring Of Honor and purchased it so that other bidders, including WWE, could not acquire it. There is no word on what Khan plans to do with the company long term.

Opinion: Well ok then. I do get the idea of purchasing a promotion so someone else can’t, but it is a little weird to think that Khan bought one of the three biggest promotions in the United States over the last twenty years and had no plans for the whole thing. I’m not sure what Khan is going to do with Ring Of Honor, but there is definitely value for the promotion in some way.

What do you think of how Ring Of Honor has been used? How should Khan use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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