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He was the new guy. One of the most difficult things for a wrestling promotion to do is elevate new stars into the main event scene. It is something that has to be done every now and then though, no matter how tricky it might be. The right wrestler has to be found in order to make it work, but even then there could be some issues. Now we know how things went a bit off when a new star was elevated.

During an appearance on Out Of Character with Ryan Satin, Sheamus talked about how he was received backstage after winning the WWE Title from John Cena at Tables, Ladders And Chairs 2009. Sheamus had only been on WWE TV for about five and a half months when he won the title and said that nobody was very excited over what happened. Instead, Sheamus had backstage heat from some of the wrestlers who had been around for years and never got that kind of opportunity. Sheamus has gone on to become a four time World Champion during his WWE career.

Sheamus has done alright for himself in WWE. Check out some of his better moments:

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Opinion: I can absolutely see where the backstage heat would come from in something like this. At the end of the day, Sheamus showed up, was pushed like a star, and won the World Title in less than six months. Others had been sitting around for a very long time and it must have been more than a bit frustrating for the people who weren’t getting that spot. The good thing is Sheamus has proven himself to be more than a flash in the pan and I would assume that the backstage heat is long gone.

What do you think of Sheamus? Will he be World Champion again? Let us know in the comments below.

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