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Are they wrong? A wrestler’s theme music is one of the most important aspects of their entire presentation. Having the right theme music can move a wrestler up to the next level, but the wrong choice can cause them some problems. Music and wrestling often cross paths in other places too and sometimes that is not a good thing. That seems to have been the case last weekend, at least internally in WWE.

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Over the weekend at the WWE Royal Rumble, Hardy gave a live performance of the show’s theme song, “Sold Out”. The song took place between the Women’s Royal Rumble and the show’s main event, with the commentators cracking jokes throughout parts of the performance. According to Fightful Select, most people backstage “scoffed at” the performance, saying it “compromised things”.

Hardy was a part of the show. Check out him out opening the show and some better known hardy’s in WWE history:

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Opinion: It was certainly a different kind of performance and that might not be the most positive thing. The show wound up running over four hours and it was a bit much to have it extended for the sake of getting everything up, having the performance and then getting the ring ready again. The song was catchy enough, but it might not have been the right timing for everything.

What did you think of the performance? What is the best live wrestling musical performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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