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They probably should have looked into that. The right name is an important aspect of any wrestler, as you never want someone to be given a name that is going to make them feel like a joke. Occasionally you will see someone get a name which has to be changed for one reason or another, and now that is the case with a pair of WWE stars who had quite the problem with their collective name.

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Earlier this month, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre formed a tag team which was unofficially named the Banger Brothers. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the name was dropped due to its similarity to an adult film company called Bang Bros. Sheamus and McIntyre have continued to team together, though WWE commentary made fun of the Banger Bros name during the Royal Rumble.

They’re still good. Check out the team together and apart:

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Opinion: You would think WWE would have learned from the time they did the same thing to Natalya and Beth Phoenix. That is the kind of thing that WWE should probably check, as it is the kind of thing that an intern could probably cover in just a few seconds. The good thing is that it wasn’t a huge deal or something that was around long term, but it will be a bit of a running joke for a good while.

What do you think of the mess up? How will the team do going forward? Let us know in the comments below.

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