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That’s a bit more serious. There are a lot of people who come together to make a WWE show work and several of them are rarely seen on camera. In addition to the wrestlers who get all of the spotlight, there are all kinds of people who work hard to make the show a success. Those are people who help get the wrestlers ready, but WWE almost let one go over a recent incident.

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Earlier this month, a story broke about D-Von Dudley being pulled from the Battleground Championship Wrestling “Tribute To The Extreme” event in Philadelphia. The promotion has said that the issue was a misunderstanding, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dudley was nearly fired over the incident.

WWE reportedly did not want Dudley to risk his health during the show, even though the only thing he would have done was get the tables. The appearance was initially shut down by Bruce Prichard, with Triple H telling Dudley that he would be fired if he appeared. Dudley did not appear at the show and the promotion issued the statement, reportedly in an effort to maintain its relationship with WWE to ensure future appearances from WWE legends.

Dudley has had a legendary career. Check out some of his time with WWE:

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Opinion: That seems to be quite the (pun intended) extreme reaction but what matters is Dudley did not appear. There is a difference between being threatened with punishment for doing something vs. never actually doing it, so maybe things can be smoothed over from here. Dudley would have been a big addition to the show, but if WWE didn’t want him there, what choice did he have?

What do you think of the situation? Where would you rank the Dudley Boyz as an all time team? Let us know in the comments below.

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