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An interesting pair. There are all kinds of wrestling stories going on in the world, but there are a lot more that take place outside of the industry. Sometimes though those worlds combine as wrestling is connected to the outside world, which can often lead to some interesting situations. That was the case again in one of the biggest stories in the world of any kind.

One of the biggest international stories of the week has been the collapse of Boris Johnson’s government in the United Kingdom. This included the resignations of over sixty members of Parliament, including Michelle Donelan, who was named Secretary of State for Education, only to resign in protest of Johnson about thirty six hours later. Donelan is a former WWE employee, having worked as International Marketing Campaign Manager from 2010-2014.

Opinion: This is one of those things that you do not see happen very often but it makes for a bit of an interesting note. Donelan is not someone most would remember from her time with WWE but she certainly made bigger headlines here. It is rare enough to see someone go from wrestling to something a good bit more important, but it is certainly something that is more noteworthy here.

What is the weirdest wrestling connection you have ever heard of? Who is the best wrestling politician? Let us know in the comments below.

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