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They seem to be a no. There have been a lot of changes to the wrestling world this year and the biggest of them all seems to have been that of Vince McMahon retiring from WWE. McMahon was accused of various relationships with women and paying them off using company funds. The shakeup was felt throughout the company as well as the wrestling world. McMahon had been the force in WWE for such a long time, though a recent report suggested that might be changing again. It just seems that some people are not pleased.


Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that McMahon was planning a comeback to WWE at some point in the future, believing that he was given bad advice when he was told to retire. According to Fightful Select, over a dozen people in WWE spoke about the situation and the “rarely unanimous” reaction was not wanting McMahon back. One wrestler said they would be worried about the recently rehired Superstars. In addition, a staff member said that the backstage moral had increased “tenfold” since McMahon retired. There is no word on how or when such a return would take place.

How about a different McMahon? Check out the rest of the family in WWE:

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Opinion: As strange as it might seem, this appears to be the more common response to rumors of McMahon returning to WWE. People just do not seem to want him back and if that is the case, it makes things all the more interesting. I’m not sure how things would go if he came back, but at the moment, fans and WWE people alike to not seem to want him to return to the company.

What do you think of a possible McMahon return? Will he come back? Let us know in the comments below.

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