The Steve Austin Show has UFC Light Heavyweight Champion “Daniel Cormier” as Guest, they Discussed Many things like CM Punk and Brock Lesnar and Then the recently news of UFC President Dana White calling Pro Wrestling fake. Steve Austin said that Dana didn’t mean Disrespect to the business (pro wrestling) and that he respects it. Austin says ” I know Dana is from the world of boxing and MMA, but I know he respects the world of professional wrestling. I thought that was his way of saying, ‘it’s a work’ because there’s a difference. Is it fake? It’s predetermined. It’s a work! I don’t think he meant any disrespect to the [professional wrestling] business because I’ll say this, Daniel: I’ll take you, I’ll take Jon Jones, I’ll take the heavyweight champion of the world, I’ll take the bantamweight champion of the world, I’ll take any of you guys who want to go on the road for two years and be on the road for 250 days and go through that grind and you’ll never say ‘fake’, but you will say, ‘it’s tough as hell’.

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